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Entry for December 31, 2006

That’s me playing with my permrods and haircape.

I love the feeling of being put in rollers ( this set I slept with ) , since I was 13 years I noticed that my dick got a live of his own as I saw woman in rollers… I wanted that too, I wanted to get curls done. So I played with my mom’s curlerset some times.

Now more then 20 years later,… I did IT ! I have regulair perms done… and in the time between them play with my own rods.

I feels so good with those rods in my hair, when I touch them I almost get a orgasm.

Since I have internet I noticed that there are man and woman with this same passion… I hope some day to meet a woman who can put me in a chair and have some hairplay perhaps with a bit of bondage to keep me quiet…

Who knows… I have some stuff alreay, rods, cotton, capes… just missing a woman with a chair and an attiditude.


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