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To perm or NOT to Perm ? part II

Today I visited the Cut&Go-salon to get a perm done.

I was hoping a particulair woman would help me.. the one from the photo last time, and I was lucky she did help me 🙂

She ask “How can I help you”
I “A perm please”
She directed me to the washingplace and she noticed that my hair was dry, at the ends.

When we went back to the stylingchair she asked how old my perm is, so I said “3 months”.. then she said that perhaps only a cut is enough to get my curls back. She took about 3 cm’s of, and the curls where coming back. Together we decided not to perm this time, but perhaps in 3 to 4 weeks time.

I was seated under a climaheater for some time and my hair really felt good 🙂

I paid her the € 10,- and went off..

I was very satisfied, ok it was not a perm but this woman was fair to me, and she was right aswell 🙂 I will go back there for my perm in 4 weeks ( or less)


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