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D-day , Friday the 2nd March

D-Day it was 2 days back.

D sound like “The” and this day was “THE” day, the day of my 5th Perm ( wich is in German “Dauerwelle” hence the D )

I went back to the Cut&Go salon, this time an othe hairdresser helped me. She use a black cape on me, with a darkblue towel over my shoulders under the cape. She washed my hair twice and then we went back to the stylingchair.

“How should the perm look like?” she asked. “well about the same as the curls are now”I replied. Together with an other women the decided that 3 types of rods where going to be used, one red/blue one in the front and after that gray / blue. The gray ones are 13mm , and blue ones 11 mm .. By using them one after one, the result would look more natural. My 3rd perm was done exactly like that ( you can found a photo of that set here on this BLOG aswell).

Some 50-60 rods in total where put in my hair, and some permrodholders with them, those make it feel even more tight. During the set the hairdresser had asked several times “Is it too tight”… “no ” I replied. I liked it so tight, the more I felt the better.

She went off to get the fluid / cotton. She applied some nivea-creme and then she put the cotton around my head, after that she applied 3/4th of the bottle permfluid. I was serounded with this nice odor. She lowered the Climasun and asked if I wanted a magazine or so… 15 minutes are not that long, so I said “no, not needed”… during this 15 minutes I watched my self with those tightly woud rods, I turned my head from left to right to get a better look of those rods.

After 15 minutes, the climasun went away and we again went to the washingbowl, she rinsed out the permsolution for 5 minutes and then apllied the neutralizer, during this time I could see myself in the mirror accross the room, and that stylingstation an onlder woman got a wetset, after the rinse and neutralizer I would sit again in tha chair besides that woman.

I must wait for another 5 minutes to get the rods out, too bad… but over an hour in total after the first rod went into my hair is not bad is it? So the rods went out, she rinsed my hair and applied some mask or so, I then could see my new curls in the mirror accross the room, they looked nice.

We went back to the stylingchair, and she asked what to do. I replied “A cut is not required because I like this length , perhaps in 4 weeks time a cut? ” , She also said that the length was nice. I could blowdry my hair myself, or she could do it. I asked here to let my hair dry normally because the curls look nicer then, so she put me again under the climasun. I don’t now exactly for how much time but during this drying I looked at the chair with the woman getting the wetset ( perhaps soon I will get a wetset done? )

After the drying , the cape and towel where removed and I was really satisfied.

I paid for the perm € 19,- , I gave here a € 1,- tipp because I left 2 times € 10,- there.


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  1. Jeroen, I like this perm the best. It looks curlier. Maybe because your hair is longer? As for a set looking feminine-tell stylist you heard a set after a perm helps set up the curls to last longer. You could also try a wet set on perm rods between perms to “refresh” the curls. AJ/crazyage55

    Comment by Anonymous | 10 March 2007 | Reply

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