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One year ago

I started to get perms…

23 March 2006 , around 16:30 I left a salon looking like on the photo… perhaps I don’t look happy , but I was.

The rest is true story of that day.


My first true real permanent wave. Last Thursday I decided to go for it, a local salon has very low prices, I tried finding a homessalon (not only for the price but also for the privacy), but the prices of this local shop are so low I decided to use this Salon.
This salon opened last december and the send out leaflets with their prices.. cut + wash € 11,- ( $ 13,20 ) , this € 11,- is their baseprize for everything including a perm (depending on hairlenght), middlelong € 14,- and long € 18,-.

I called to the salon and asked:
“I have your leaflet, all your prices are € 11,-? for everyting”
“Yes, what would you like?”
“A perm”
“A Perm, for a MAN?” some silence on both sides “How long is your hair?”
“Well about 15 cm ( 6 inches) on the top”
“That will be € 14,-”
“That’s all?”
“No, creme and mask and wash / cut you have to pay for”
“So for € 25,- , how long in time will it take?”
“About 2 hours”
“Is that possible today?”
“Yes no problem”
“Ok, I will be there in 20 minutes”

I decided to call first for two reasons, first reasons telling about having the perm is easier over the phone, second reason : an appoinment made. So I couldn’t go back.
I called them aroud 15:00 and 15 minutes later I was at the salon, I stayed on the other side of the street to look inside, too bad many customers… This way I lost over 45 minutes in time because each time someone else was entering the salon. Finally I did… I opened the door and one of the two woman came to me, she asked “How can we help you?” “I called earlier” “Oh yes, the perm, you have to wait we are busy right now” “ok”, I said.

This salon has four working places, and two washingchairs. Now, one man was being cut, and a woman being washed. After a 15 minute wait it was my turn, the 2 woman decided who was going to do me. The younest of the two was going to my perm (later I heard that she was 22 years old), she whipped the floor around “my” chair free of the remains of the hair from the woman she cut there.. and during this work she called me. She asked “Why a perm?”, I said “My hair had bit of movement in the back when it is long , and I like that a bit of a wave”…. She told me to go to the washingplace and sit down. Then she came to me a put a black towel over my shoulders, she washed my hair two times, after that we went to the
stylingchair, she covered the top of the chair with an other black towel. I seated myself, and she spoke a bit about my perm with the other woman , together they decided to go for a particulair type of rod, the grey one’s, these a as thick as finger. I still had the back towel aroud my shoulders, she used a black cape for me ( other customers had red capes, the chairs in the salan are red ), over this cape she did a black towel and used a clipper to close the towel at the front. She went looking for more of these clippers but couldn’t find more than two extra.
She then began with a comb going through my hair, and made a division using he width of a permrod, the hair on both sides had a clipper in it. She began putting in these rods in the middle at the front, I tried to count them all but after ten I lost the count. After she had put in the complete middlerow, the last two where thinner blue rods, she started with my right side, first in the back and after that 5 rond from the top to my ears, the complete proces of winding was over 30 minutes long, and at least 50 rods where strapped in my hair, it felt very good. She went away to get things, some minutes past… I was looking at myself with permrods nicely wound in my hair, it felt great… I turned my head to the right and left to look at all them rods. Too bad there was no mirror on the other side of the room, so i couldn’t see the back of my head.
She returned with a necktray, in this tray was some cotton and a bottle and plastic gloves. She took the cotton and made a “hole” in the middle, using this “hole” she put the cotton round the first rod in the middle front of my head, both sides of the cotton she put under the rods and made the together at my back. The necktray was put in place round my neck. She put on the gloves and hold in her hands the bottle of fluid and some cotton, she started applying this fluid on the rods and used the cotton to better distrebute it. The complete bottle was used and she shortly went away, she can back with the same bottle , this time only half full. All the was put in my hair aswell, and went away again.
She returend with a cap and a towel, both black. She removed the necktray and applied the cap on my head, after that she over this cap the towel. “Do you want something to drink or read?” , “a coffee please” … She said that this will take 15 minutes to proces. I was there sitting under a back cape, several towels, and this cap on my head, some rods at the back I could see. During this long 15 minutes I drank my coffee… My dick got real hard during all of this, my over 20 year old dream was coming true.

After the 15 min she removed the towel and cap, she checked one of the rods on the back, she was not really pleased then , and put cap and towel back for another 3 minutes. After this time I went the washing area, she removed cap and started rinsing my hair, it took a long time and got some pain in my shoulders and neck. After this rinsing she put some foam ( so felt it) in my hair, it had to work for 5 minutes aswell. After that she removed the rods, put some more of this foam in, and rinsed again. Then she asked if I needed some creme, at cost of € 2,- , it was better for my hair so I let her do that. After the creme ( again a few minutes later) she rinsed my hair again and said “Those a some nice curls” , I was not so sure about that… we walked to the styling chair, and I looked at myself in the mirrors we past, “wow” I thought “that’s way TOO curly for me”

After I sat down in the chair she asked “And do you like it?” , I said “Well thats very
curly indeed perhaps a bit too curly?” … she and the other woman said the after one week it will be less curly. Then the cutting began, she said that I should leave it long because the curls look better than. My hair was on top 15 cm ( 6 inches) and in the back 6-8 cm ( 3 inches) . She cut away not more than 0,5 cm ( on fifth of an inch ) and put some “mousse” to finish the style. She removed all the towels and cape, and showed me the backside, many big curls.

And the counter I paid her, wow I had a perm for only € 27,- in total, I gave a small tip. Perhaps to small, when my friends and family also like my perm I think I will go back to the salon to gave some more tip. The put this money in a small cow ( looks a bit like a piggy bank).

I went home with this curly look, each time when I touch this curls I feel special… the
“mousse” made the curls a bit hard.

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    Comment by perming desire | 27 August 2008 | Reply

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