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Perm time

I am think about getting a new perm done next week.

I liked my smaller curls much more as the wave I have now.

So changes are that I will visit the Cut&GO-salon next tuesday for a re-perm.


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  1. Why don’t you try an extreme tight curly, curly Perm. Have them wrap it in the smallest diameter rods to get a good tight curl not an afro but a real curly style. Then if you want to soften it use a blowdryer or curling iron or get a wash and set and a nice combout. Go for it !!!!!!!

    Comment by Deer Hunter | 21 September 2007 | Reply

  2. I will let them make it as curly as the photo above… gray and blue rods, I liked those perms…. twice I had it done that way.

    Comment by Anonymous | 22 September 2007 | Reply

  3. i would love to see more photos of yourself during the whole process.
    you’re post experiencing yourself with perms is so wonderful.
    i am so eager to get mine, too whenever i read yours.
    i just love the feeling. same like you did.

    Comment by perming desire | 27 August 2008 | Reply

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