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D-day , Tuesday 15th January

Today at round 15:00 I walked into my favourite Salon, the local shop with name Cut & Go, Yes I was going for a Cut but the Go could be some time…

It was Permday for me ( Dauerwelle in German), D sounds like The … and offcourse D stands for Dauerwelle.

Both my favourite stylists where there today, in total 5 stylists, so I had 40% change of getting one of the two… I got the one from the Photo above, she once cut my hair…

So I got to here chair, which is nicely between 2 windows, and said “a perm please”

She put a towel over my shoulders, and a after that a cape, such a model where you can put your arms through 2 holes, we went to the washingbowl and she washed my hair twice.

This time we went for one rod type, 2-colourrods, blue/red. In totaal she put 55 of these very tightly in my hair, the winding proces took 30 minutes. After the winding she walked away to get some stuff, and I was sitting there looking at my self in permrods again, this time I had some extra luck, behind me there was an other workingstation with a mirror, since no one was sitting there I could also see the rods on the back of my head. It looked great it felt great, my dick was very hard again.

She returned with teh fluid, some cotton and some kitchenpaper. The last she gave me in case of any dripping. This time no cotton was put around my head, she used it to better apply the fluid. The smell was very nice again.

After this she put a Climasun over my head and left me there for 20 minutes to get processed, then 5 minutes of rinsing out at the washingbowl, and 20 minutes for the neutralizer to work. Wow more then one hour with permrods in my hair, it was superb again.

We went back to the workingstation where she cut some 1 cm of hair overall, she said the many woman would like to have my hair, these curls and the length / quality of my hair. I was pleased to hear all that.

Satisfied I paid € 29,- and left her a tipp in her special “Ducky”-bank.

During the perm she said that perhap this type of rod is going to give a too tight perm, right now I think she was right, we shall see in a week or 2 because perms allways look tighter in their first days.


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