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Perm number 10

Today it was 3 months back that I had my last perm done, so I wanted it repermed.

I went again to my trusty place Cut&Go. This time I was helped by an other woman, but I was seated at the same place where I got my first perm there ( which was my 5th perm ever)

Since I kinda regretted my last perm, done on red/blue rods we decided to go for Blue-only this time. She put a dark blue towel over my shoulders and we went to the washingplace.

She washed my hair and we went back to the stylingchair, she gave me a nice blue cape this time, I noticed that this salon uses the same brand Capes of which I bought one recently. ( see the post before this one… It’s a heavy duty cape, I love it)

In total 42 blue rods where used this time , with those round rubberband having just one hole. Also 7 permrods-holders where used. It took her only 20 minutes to wind those permrods tightly in my hair, it felt great.

After the wind she got the lotion and a long piece of cotton, the cotton was put around my head and the solution applied on my hair, just love the odor…hmmm. She lowered the climasun and left me for in total 25 minutes.

During that time my dick was very hard, I tried to play with it a bit… those 25 minutes went by too quickly

But my time with permrods in my hair was going to take longer, since the rinsing and neutralizing together always take some 30 minutes, in total I had the rods in my hair for almost an hour… and loved every second of that. Now it was cuttingtime.

She cut off about 1 cm, and left me again under the climasun to dry.

I paid here the € 29,- and gave her a tip, I just love my new curls, and it’s still a bit smelly

So that’s again a truly happened story about me, since I am still looking for people to webcamchat with me pleas try to contact me, please note that I want to see you on a webcam, too bad the internet is full with fake-people pretending etc… I knoe for sure that I am not the only person in teh world with a perming-fetish, I even believe that there are woman outthere who feel the same… so how about chatting? how about living out a fetish? or…. ???


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