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Tuesday July 22, 2008

And I went to my favourite hairsalon again.

It was perm-time again.

An other woman helped me this time, Melanie, and I was seated at the right chair in the back. She once cut my hair on the left chair. The stylists in this salon have each two chairs to work with so If one customer is drying under a dryer or climasun, a second one can have a cut orso.

Shes aked “What can I do?” , so I said “A perm please”… she “A perm? When was the last done?” , me “Three months back”. Then the stylist next to this chair said “Yes, He always takes his perms every 3 months “. She could know , she did my last one there.

We went to the washingplace and my hair was washed twice, after we came back to the styling chair and she started rolling my hair, this time I helped her with holding up the little box with the endpapers. She used 49 rods, some 40 blue ones and for my “crown” she made an pattern with blue/red ones ( those are a bit tighter then blue ones ), the winding took her 25 minutes. I was caped under a black cape, and under the cape was an darkblue towel over my shoulders, an other towel was on top and was close using a plastic thingie.

She put cotton round my head after applying the niveacreme, the lotion followed. The next 25 minutes I spend under the climasun, just love it. My dick was hard again, in the back an other perm was done, that woman was very lucky , she was sitting between the windows, I love that place.

After 25 minutes she raised the climasun and unwinded one permrods, she decided to give it a few more minutes, I didn’t mind that.

She rinsed my hair at the washingplace some 5 minutes and dried it use a towel, no the place where she wound my perm was occupied by a woman getting a dyjob ( done by the other stylist that did my last perm there), she had to use the chair because 2 chairs share only one climasun, both her clients where under one. They have a few mobile climasuns aswell so I will probably be put under a mobile one after the cut.

After the rinse the put the neutralizer in my hair, it was my first perm where the stylist used plastic gloves during this and the permfluid-part. I was left in washingplace for some 20 minutes, that always hurts a bit in the neck 😦 , so I lean forward and look to other customers instead of the ceiling, just love seeing the reactions as a man is getting a perm.

After even a longer time she came back and started to unwind those permsrods, I heard them falling one after the other in de sink. “Too bad the time with permrods in my hair will be over soon” I tought… but then again almost 1 hour and 15 minutes between the first one going in and the last one going out, isn’t that bad, is it?

She washed my hair and put some special creme in it, then it was back to the stylingchair, this time the left one , because the right one was still being used.

I looked in the mirror and saw the curls, and then the stylist winked at me, I smiled.. I think she enjoyed all this, and so did I.

She used some 4 clippers to put my hair up , so she could cut it from the back. My hair is really long, in the back 15 cm’s on top 19 cm’s … so this technique is needed, I always love this. My curls looked better and better during the cut. I think she cut max 1 cm off.

Then she got hold of the mobile hiarmaster-climason to let me dry, some mousse was applied first.

This time I only needed to pay € 24,- because, when you went to this chain of salons for 10 times you get € 5 refund.

I spend € 1,- in her small “piggy”-bank. And I said goodbye… “wow” I tought ” Melanie did a really good job on me” .

Very satisfied with my new curly-looks I walked away from the salon, a few steps outside I saw the other stylist walking ( the one from my previous perm there ) we said “hi”…

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  1. You forgot one posibility:
    those of use with naturally
    curley hair.



    Comment by SissyMaidJuli | 22 July 2008 | Reply

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