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Tuesday September 16th

It was only 2 months after my last perm, so I thought some length could go.

I went back to my favourite salon Cut & Go last Friday, but when I came there I was very crowed and in 90 minutes they where going to close. So I decided to come back on Tuesday, so I did.

I walked by and saw an almost empty salon, I entered and put my Jacket away and went to the waiting area. This waiting Area is not shown in the photo but it’s to the right of the photo, the place behind the chairs on the rightwall-side has a toilet for the people that work there and they store stuff like permfluids / dye etc there.

The moment that I wanted to sit, Melanie came from this room, she said “hello”, so I replied back. I believe she was very pleased to see me again ( remember, she did my perm the last time). There was an other woman wating so I was going to be second in wait, since Melanie was in that room it was obvious she was wating for a next client.

Then an other woman came from that room and also said “hello”, this time I let her notice me but I didn’t say anything, I believe my toughts where somewhere else. So I only knoted.

Then Melanie came again, and asked the woman “your next, come please” … I tought “that’s having a bad luck” but before those toughts where really there, she said to me “You can come too”.

She directed the woman to her colleque and I could seat at her chair, in the back on the left, beside the window.

She said “only a cut this time?” … I said “yes indeed” … So she said “First we will wash your hair”

We went to the washingarea where she put an towel in basin, I sat down, and she began making my hair wet. “Is it not too hot?” she asked. “No” I replied. The water was ok, it was getting it a bit warm but that was due to her.. since my last visit I believe I have falling in love to her. And she is giving some signals back that she likes me too.

After a double hairwash we went back to “her” chair, she put a nice dark blue haircape on me and asked “Only the ends off?” . I said yes “about one centimeter orso”

She started to put all my hair up with lots off those hairclippers, that kinda looks girly-like. But that way it’s easier fo her to cut my hair from the bottom up. My hair back has a lenght of 10-12 cm orso. She showd me how many she cut off, that looked perfect, since hair grows with about 1 cm per month , she cut 1,5 cm away so my hair is now longer as after the perm some 2 months back. She cut my hair in 2 steps, step 1 , the length… and step 2… some part extra. I asked her why she did that, she explained that I have lots of hair and if everythings is a t exactly the same length that the curls will flatten out under the weigth, this way the result will look more natural.

Some 20 minutes went by where she cut my hair… I looked in her eyes when I could, and felt really exited, and this time it couldn’t be the perm because not only I wasn’t getting a perm, but in the whole salon there was NO-perm activity… No, I felt this because I really really like this woman. I kept thinking “How can I ask her?” … because that’s not a normal conversation between a hairdresser and her client, and offcourse nothing of any interest to others in the salon.

After the cut was finished she showd me using a mirror the result, I was very pleased. She got hold of the mobile climasun ( a Hairmasterunit), and lowered it over me. She asked if I could use something to read, but I replied “no, please” because 15 minutes is not that long. after 15 minutes she checked me but my hair was still not dry, together we decided too wait an other 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes she came back and took away the climasun and cape. We went to cashregister and I paid her the € 10,- … I was very happy again, and this time a little bit double because last time I allready noticed that she like me, and offcourse I like her, but now I even have a more good feeling about her… but how can I make contact with her? I can not just walk into the salon one day just to asked such a thing.

Right now I have decided that I have my hair permed next month (in 4 to 5 weeks) and I want it done by her, so I will let other people that are waiting before me as long I can’t be helped by her. In this salon it’s not possible to make an reservation. So let’s see what I can think off before my next visit.

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  1. Great story!

    I’d suggest asking her if you could buy her a cup of coffee or dinner sometime after work. 🙂 That ought to get things going. If she says no, then you can ask if she’s married. If she says yes, congrads! 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous | 3 October 2008 | Reply

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