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October 14th 2008, Permday

On that day I went to my favourite Hairsalon, the Cut & Go, for a perm.

Last time I decided that I wanted my next perm done by Melanie, So I tried waiting for her, but it wasn’t my lucky day. Two woman where also waiting specially for her, and it was getting 15:30 allready ( the salon close at 18:00 ), so in order to get a perm done I had to be in the chair before 16u.

So I had some bad luck, but on the other hand some good luck. A little boy was next when the woman from the photo asked “who’s next?” , they walked away but he said that he rather be done by an other woman, so he made a switch and that give me his position.

We walked to the chair, this time not the one between the windows but one where I had my June-2008 haircut done, I sad down and she asked “A cut this time?”. I said “Well no..” “oh” she said “Do we have enough time for a perm?”, I said “Yes I was getting afraid for that but I had to wait a long time today” .. “Well” she said and looked at the clock “yes we can do a perm today” .

She got a towel and cape and put the towel over my shoulders and closed the dark blue cape around my neck, we went to the washingplace and my hair was washed.

After we went back to her chair she went looking for the right permrods, blue ones this time, like the perm that Melanie did on me some 3 months before.

It took her 20 minutes to wind 48 blue permrods in my hair and 2 blue-red-ones. She went away to get things and I wtched myself in the mirror with all those rods tightly in my hair, it felt great. She came back with a bottle of permfluid, a small piece of cotton and some paper tissues. She does things different, no cotton around my head, no she uses the cotton to apply the fluid and gave me the tissues in cae of some drippings, and some fluid tried to reach my eyes so I had to wipe it off.

After that she put me under a climsun, this time a grey/silver one, with “hairmaster” printed on it, I had to be under for 25 minutes.. I always love that , the warmth, the smell. Again that time went faster then I like, and I could look a some people that walked by the salon, this chair is in the corner and the windows are full way down to the floor.

After she removed she send me to the washingplace where I had to wait some time because she was doing a men’s hair aswell. I looked through the salon and across the room a youg woman was getting highlights orso, she had some foil on top in her hair. She was doing soem play with her girlfriend , that sat on the small chair that the hairdresser sometimes use. I saw them both looking my way and laughing at me a bit, I believe thay perhaps made fun of me because a man was getting a perm done. I don’t care about such things, I just love the whole feel of getting a perm, and offcourse the nice curls after that.

She came back to me and rinsed my hair, then dried it using a towel and put the very cold neutralizer in. Then I had to wait for other 15-20 minutes, after that she removed the rods and apllied some to my hair that makes it very soft in feel.

We went back to the stylingchair and I loved those small curls she made. I asked her to cut off only a little but in the front she cut off perhaps 2,5 – 3 cms 😦 … too bad I like that length, but offcourse it will grow back again.

During the time in the chair I could look in the mirror and see a lot of salonaction going on, 4 chairs I can see in the mirror, and there in the back Melanie was working, too bad I couldn’t be helped by her, I wanted to asked her out… I really like her.

After the cut, some mousse was applied to my hair and the climasun was again used. No to dry my hair.

Satisfied again I paid € 29,- ( which is a real bargain for an acid-based perm ) and put a little bit in the “ducky”-bank.

It was 17:50 when I left the Salon, and I had an appointment with ome one later on, so I walked bit during the streets, shortly after 18:00 I saw Melanie walk… I said “hello” … she gave me big smile back and said “hello”… I said “It was very full today, I tried to wait but you where very busy” “Yes” she said “lot of customers today”. Then she saw the grilfriend she was meeting and she said “bye”.. too bad, I still couldn’t ask her want I wanted. 😦 Maybe in my next visit I will have her cut my hair, but then I plan to go much earlier, so I can wait for her. I had some bad nights of sleep, I always have that when I am in love.


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