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Thursday 4th December 2008, Cut and Go

At that day it had been 7 weeks and 2 days since my last perm, so I went in for a Cut & go, or better a wash-cut-dry-go.

Shortly before 17:00 I arrived at the salon, and there was a woman and a men waiting before me, in the salon there was not much going on, they where gonna close at 18:00 so that was to be expected.

The woman from the photo came and asked “Who’s next?” , I looked left and right from me because they where there before me, but they waited for some else orso. So it was my turn.

I allready knew this stylist, she once permed my hair and a few months after that she give me cut. We walked away from the waitingarea and I almost dropped my bag at the wrong chair, normally she works at an other chair, but today at the window (like on the photos), normally Melanie works there, later I heard that Melanie has every Thursday off. So today it’s Ingrid’s workingplace.

I said down and she asked “Just al little bit off?”. “Yes” I replied. She asked me to go to the washing place. There she put a towel on my shoulders and gave me very nice and double hairwash. After the wash she put a towel arouw my hair and we went back to he windowchair.

“So about 1 cm off?” she asked, “indeed I said, at the back 1 cm but in the front less”. She took away the towel and used a clipper to put all my long hair in the back up. The she put a neckstrip on me, that was the 2nd time of all my visits in that salon that a neckstrip was used.

After that she took a black nylon cape with hookfastening, like my black cape with “ksss..”

She put parts of hair up and started cuting in the lower back, I saw my curls getting better and better.

She took about 20 minutes to cut my hair and then she left me under a climasun-unit to dry. In total I spend about 45 min in the salon and it was very nice again. I paid her € 10,- and we said to each other to have a good new year, my next visit there will be in the first or second week of January 2009, then again it’s permtime.


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