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2 years ago

I started this blog with this entry .

Some things have changed , but some stayed the same.

I started this BLOG about me, about my fetish for perms because I was looking for all of you, hoping to make contact hoping to really meet others with my “thing” for perms, why?

I still have the feeling that I am not alone, today more then 27.000 hits on this blog gives me reason to believe that there are more people outthere with a passion for perms, but sadly for me and lots of others like me, most are in “hiding”, afraid of their feelings? afraid of what others might think? afraid of? I do know the answers , what I do know that those people are like me active on the internet searching for something, sometimes even spending lots of money for this fetish. Buying photos and/or video’s from several sites, browsing through yahoogroups like Permandroller-fetish or Hair-fetish , but theey stay on the side-line, almost no-one opens up. All try to be a “ghost”, a non-traceable person.

So 2 years back I did something to open other peoples eyes, writing about my fetish, posting photos of me during my perm-fetish-play, of me with my curls , salonreports of several perms etc. And what happend? Sadly, not much.

What does it take from me to you to get others to open up? Why do most of you stay in “hiding” ? Am I the only one that thinks that really meeting someone with a similiar fetish can be fun?

Ok you say, the world is very very big, I live several thousends of miles ( km’s ) from you…

That kind of excuses are not very uncommon in our hairfetish, it’s the easiest way out. But on the internet one can chat with others, or even better yet use a webcam. And there we have the original “problem” again, no way that people that are in “hiding” for their feelings will show themself in front of a webcam, they rather fake being a woman on the chat in hope to gain own personal pleasure. But what does faking bring? Nothing. Not the thing you really want, you want people to understand your fetish, by playing roleplay you will never ever find someone you can really trust, but by being open by showing who you are what your “thing” is, others will follow.

Ok, so this entry in this blog sounds a bit negative, but I most say I found a few persons that I really can trust now (and they me), and we all noticed that after a short amount of time using a webcam a BIG wall goes away, and both sides really open up, showing each other their perm-stuff (or similiar stuff) and telling about the past etc.

But I was hoping for something more, with the numbers of hits on this BLOG it’s for sure there are much more of you outthere that have this “thing” for perms / the perming proces, perhaps even some real woman, so please contact me on yahoo-messenger ( , PS only with webcam , that will be the first question ) .

In 2009 I will get more perms done and will report it here I will stay active on several yahoo-groups and I have a very open mind to anyone when seeing more then just a screenname.


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