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A fetish?

For me perms are a fetish.

What does that mean?

Well I get suxually aroused by seeing photos as the one above this BLOG-entry, why that is I don’t understand myself. After reading on the internet it probably has sometime to do what happend in my childhood. What I can remember from that is that when I was 12-13 years old I started getting these feelings when seeing a woman getting a perm. I like that so much that I look inside hairsalons when I walked by, watched those make-over-programs on TV ( because sometimes hairrollers or perms could be seen), I even played with my mothers hairrollers… putting them in my hair and pretending I was in a salon.

To make the play more real I bought real permrods, and later a haircape and lots of other stuff. The play looks more real, but offcourse it’s just play. So in March 2o06 I went a step further and started getting perms, and still I like going to the salon for a perm or a trim.

I noticed since I started using internet that many more people have this “thing” concering perms, but like with many other fetishes it’s hard to really speak with someone about it. My chat is open ( email and yahoo-messenger ), I even will show myself in real time over a webcam ( if I can see you ).

A fetish sounds “strange”, but it is not, it’s not different aswell. I believe it has to do with sexual fentasies and we all have these, talking about it is not strange. I think it’s easier chatting with someone that had this or an other hair-related-fetish then going in “blind”.

I started a few yahoo-groups in hope of finding some serious people, I started this BLOG for the same. But not that much has happend so far, everybody is “scared” of their feelings? Better to hide and avoid then to ” live ” them?

I started to ” live ” my fantasy, I am real not just a fake (woman)-screenname in hope of response. Too bad that many people stay afraid or even worse hide by using a womansname. A fetish is much more common with men then woman, so if you find a ” woman ” on the net that you chat with then 99% the time it’s a man playing some sort of “game”, some are crossdressers (and say so, which is ok to me) so are only there to get you exited and offcourse themself. I really hat those men that say to be woman and they are clearly not.

Some links now.

Kat Surth webcamchat , 99% men only even those using a woman’s name.. but some people are nice there.
Chat from a special salon in Germany , studio Laura a SM-Bondage place with a ols Salon-part.

Permingphotos , a collection of > 4500 photos of the permingproces. It’s hard to get in and stay in, you have to help and fill the database


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