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Perm number 14

Last Thursday it was D-day again, D stands for Dauerwelle which is German for perm.

I went to my favourite local salon called Cut and Go , I like that salon they have very fair prices.


I choose a quiet day, only one woman waiting when I arrived. I was greeted by one of the stylist who said to “You haven’t been here in some time” , and she was right. My last visit there was almost 6 months ago.

So my wait was short and the stylist from the photo said it was my turn, we walked to the chair in the photo and she asked “What can we do?” I pointed to my hair and she said “Ah yes, curls?” , “Yes” I replied. I put my bag at the place and we went to the washingbowl. She put a towel on my shoulders and made my hair wet with water , she asked “not to warm or cold?” I replied “No just perfect a bit cold but better than the heat outside ( it was a warm day )” . Then she started washing my hair and said “I am not doing it to firm?”. She was using some force, it felt firm but no problem with me so I told her “it’s ok”. She washed my hair twice and after that we went back to the stylingstation. There she used the towel aroud my head to dry my hair a bit and put an other towel over myshoulders before putting on a black cape. She went away to get the stuff needed. She came back with cotton, a big “bucket” of creme, 2 sets of permlotion and left for the rods. Then a trolley with permrods came.. all blues and some 2 color-ones blue/gray.

She asked how I wear my hair to the left or right perhaps, I said I devide it in the middle. She asked because otherwise she does the winding a bit different (she onced permed me before and then she wound the rods in the front from left to right instead of backwards).

She started winding my hair on rods, and we talked about lots of things. I really enjoy this, and she used those permrodholders too so every rods was felt very tightly. Almost 25 minutes went by and my head was full of permrods. Looked nice. The she applied some creme againts my forehead and put a cottonstring around my head. She took the first bottle and applied the lotion, the 2nd one was quickly sed because the first one was almost empty. Then the Climasun was lowered and I had to “bake” for 20 minutes.

During this time the stylist started working on an other customer. So back to the washingbowl, to rinse out the harsh stinky chemicals, before putting in more chemicals… yes perms are fun 😉 . So I was rinsed for some 5 minutes before the neutralizer-foam was put in. This at the washingbowl was done by an othe stylist because “mine” Ingrid, was still busy. Now I had to wait for the neutralizer to work, I look to the other side of the salon and an older woman was getting a permwind, on yellow and pink rods. After 20 minutes of waiting in the washingbowl Ingrid came and rinsed out the foam and removed the rods. “That must feel much lighter” she said, “yes” I replied. But offcourse I really like that time with permrods in my hair.

Back at the stylingchair we decided to cut off 1,5 – 2 cm , so my length is still very good. and after the cut the climasun was used to dry my nice new curls.

I was very satisfied again and during the cut I noticed how long my hair in the back really is… wow.. but I love this length. I paid her € 29,- , that’s right… 2,5 hours in this salon a wash / perm / cut for just € 29,- in fact the perm is € 19,- the cut € 10,- and washing is free. And I put some money in her cow-bank aswell ( a piggybank in the shape of cow )

Needless to say I had a nice time, and in 2 months orso I will visit that salon again.

It would be nice to hear something of one of my readers here.

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  1. Congrats with the new perm. Now that it has been a week, are you happy with the outcome?

    And indeed, 29 Euro is very cheap.


    Comment by Sanders | 14 August 2009 | Reply

    • Yes the outcome is nice…still a bit tight, but that’s normal with perms… after the first weeks it will look nice for months to go.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 17 August 2009 | Reply

  2. It sounds fabulous. I would love to see the fresh perm look. Any chance of a picture?
    Enjoy your perm!!


    Comment by Pauly | 23 August 2009 | Reply

    • Any chance of a picture?

      In a short time (maybe a few days, can be longer.) , right now I am busy cleaning up this whole BLOG. Fixing URL’s so they work again, putting some extra polls back in some posts. Adding categories and Tags etc.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 23 August 2009 | Reply

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