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Salon / permplay



This photo is from a few days back.

I decided to play again, since for me having permrods in my hair sitting under a haircape gives me a hard one ( you know 😉 ) , and thus I sometimes put rods in my hair use some permcaps and spend some time under a very hot dryer.

This time I use 57 permrods in 3 different size / colors, and a few permrodholders… after the cotton 2 plastic permbags and my pink one.

This was all done starting 22:00 ( Central European Time) on this Monday, I broadcasted it using webcam over yahoo-messenger. Perhaps a few more “shows” will follow, anybody wanna look?

To be able to look you need a few things:  a 100% fully installed Yahoo-messenger ( webbased has no Webcam support) an account at yahoo, a webcam ( wel yes… seeing me = seeing you , I think that’s fair you don’t have to be under a cape orso but it would be nice ) . BTW  my name on yahoo is on this BLOG you have to look for it. 😉

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  1. Would love to have a fetish cat with ya

    Comment by Quentin (Alison) stutzman | 5 March 2014 | Reply

    • About what? What do you like here?

      Comment by jwagemakers | 6 March 2014 | Reply

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