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The Perm is coming back?


If you do a search on google “perm in fashion?” or “the perm is back” etc, you will find lots of articles about the return of the perm in current Fashion. Many articles go back to 2006 , in that year the Perm was 100 year old.

In 2006 I started getting perms, why? Because I loved the idea of sitting under a cape with many of those permrods wound in my hair etc , for me and some other people aswell the whole proces of a perm is a fetish, it arousses me. At first I was afraid of the resulting curls, that people might think I am gay, or perhaps know what it does to me. But all that didn’t happen.  No, most people like my new hairdo… so > 3,5 years  later I still wear a curlyperm.

What about the rest of the world? Are perms really making a comeback? In the UK an actrise playing in TV-show that is set in the 80’s  got a perm for that show, and WOW does she looks “hot”  with a perm !!

Isn’t she?

I mean which is “hotter” ?

So this week I looked again on the internet, are we going to see much more perms? So I did my normal searches and then swapped to German , a Perm is in German called  “Dauerwelle”.  And I found a lot of Information about perm getting “hot”  in 2009 !!!  some of these articles dated this Month. So perhaps more men will follow me in my perm-adventures, or many many woman get them again, offcourse not those “granny”-perms nor those 80’s-look-my-hairdryer-exploded-perms  but nice waves / curls, more volume more texture. I find it very intresting.

Would be nice to find people on the net to chat with etc.


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  1. I think they’re most definitely coming back. I know plenty of girls (a lot of them Japanese) who get their hair permed on a regular basis and it looks beautiful. The new perm is an updated, prettier version of its predecessor.

    Comment by Natalia | 2 October 2009 | Reply

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