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To cut or not to cut?


This Tuesday it was been 2 months since my last perm, so I decided to have my cut a bit.

As always I walk by the big windows a peek inside before entering, wow.. at the last washingplace a person was getting a perm. So I openend the door and directly noticed the smell of the perm being done, I put away my coat and seated myself in the waitingarea. 4 people where waiting, so perhaps this time I had to wait a bit longer? No problem enough to see in the salon, the woman at the sink was getting a perm and an other woman got a wetset.

I had to wait for about 20-30 minutes but with Sudoku on my DS that’s not a problem, and offcourse it’s fun to see some salonaction.  The woman with the perm did not even took a cut after her perm… so with € 13,- she was ready, this salon is nice and cheap.. I love it. And after 10 times you get a € 5 refund.

The wait was over , this time I got  a styliste that I have never before. Her workingplace is just outside the photo, on the leftside. She asked what to do, I said “about 1 cm off?”  then she asked “shall we wash it aswell?” “Yes, please” I replied. She got a nice dark blue cape and put it on me, we went to the washingplace ( the 2nd on the photo) and she washed my hair twice. After that back to the stylingchair.

She was very nice and seemt very young to me so I asked “Are you new here?” … She said “No I have been away for more then year because of my baby” … So that explains why I never seen here before. She used clippers to keep my hair up, wow… at the back my hair is very very long now, but I love it. She nicely trimmed all my hair, and the curls looked “new” again, it is always a good idea to trim permed hair… it keeps the curls very nice. She took about 20 minutes to cut my hair, afterwards she used mousse and I was dryed under the climasun.

Very happy with my looks I paid € 10,- and left again.

This styliste was very nice and did a good job on me, perhaps one day she can do my perm there? I asked her which days she worked, she is Monday en Tuesday off (but today she swapped with someone), so for my perm, which will follow in november, I will go back again to this Cut and Go-salon on a Thursday or Friday, so many of my favourite stylists are there.


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  1. Hello. I see everytime you go to yous salon for a haircut, you always end at the climazum. Is that the usual in UK? They don’t use blow dryers to dry you after a trim?

    Comment by David | 12 October 2009 | Reply

    • sorry I see you are in Germany…Well is that treatment after a trim with climasum the usual thing in Germany?

      Comment by David | 12 October 2009 | Reply

      • I depends. Since I have curls it’s best not to blow dry them, then it will get frizzy. Letting the hair dry in air is the best but offcourse with a warm climasun it goes a bit quicker.

        Comment by jwagemakers | 12 October 2009

  2. […] 6th October 2009 for a trim […]

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