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What does one need? or not?


For me perms are my fetish, my passion. Seeing one done, or gettng one done is a total pleasure for me.

As with many fetishes, it has to do with things that happenend in your live, most likely during childhood or puberty. When it happenend to me , I don’t know, I do know that I hated going to the barbershop. When I was very young I had natural curls, andd offcourse the barber ” killed ” those by cutting my hair. Many many years I still didn’t like going to the barber, but when I saw in TV something like the photo I always tought “I want that”. Well as a boy getting perms was perhaps in fashion a bit, but I wanted it done because some parts of my body came  ” alive ” 😉 .. I would love it being caped and those rods nicely tightly in my hair etc… but that didn’t happen.

So seeing these kinds of things I liked, I likid it so much I watched those TV-programs with make-overs , and every Salon I walked by I looked in the windows, hoping for a glimpse of a perm being done.

Now offcourse I get real perms done, and love everything about it, but sometimes things are done different then in dreams / fantasie I had before getting real perms.

When one wants something , one starts thinking about it. And it can have many details. For instance on the photo you see some cotton being used to “catch”  dripping from the permlotion, for me that detail of having that cotton around my head is part of my fetish, it’s a important detail. I have had perms done where the stylist didn’t use such cotton, and I missed that.

I also know that many hairfetish people like things as, aprons (to be worn by stylist) or smock, and a neckstrip should be part of the expierence etc.

Would be nice from all of you ( my readers ) to read what you like, vote in the poll or write a comment.


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  1. Perms must be with Backwards shampoo……

    Comment by Doc | 25 October 2009 | Reply

  2. Something i really want is the necktray, unfortunately in the 2 perms i’ve got the stylists haven’t use it 😦 But maybe in the next one.

    Something else i sort of want is more people in the salon, i really enjoy that (but then it’s more difficult to walk in).

    Comment by Maurize | 26 October 2009 | Reply

  3. I have had only 2 perms done with a necktray and 12 without. And yes I love it when lots of people see you in permrods, I like one chair in my salon the best, it’s between 2 huge windows. Too bad the salon has 12 chairs.. so changes of me sitting between the windows is very slim, and the stylist that works there don’t use cotton.. she is nice and good, but I like the cotton.

    Comment by jwagemakers | 26 October 2009 | Reply

  4. I like when hairdresser use perm colored plastic cap for processing

    Comment by chris | 12 April 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for your response ( and vote?)

      Do you get perms done? Or wished you had them done?

      Comment by jwagemakers | 13 April 2010 | Reply

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