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To be or not to be? That’s the question.


What Jeroen is going Shakespeare? Well no.

“To be or not to be? ”  is something that is very related to hair-fetish things, how? Read on.

So I have a fetish for perm, I love to see them, I love to see them done, I love to get them done.. and sometimes I cape myself and wind permrods in my own hair.. why? Well because it gives me sexual feelings, I get aroused over such things. So since I got internet I used search-engines for “fetish perms” “fetish hairrollers” etc , I found out I am not alone with these kinda feelings, whole hairfetish communities are outthere, with groups on yahoo, or chatboxes.

I it seems that even woman like these things, yes “seems” because a fetish is not very common with a woman. So a few men decided to start playing to be ” female ” by making a female-emailadres / profile with a photo found over google, and playing their dreamdates, such things happen a lot on chats, chats like this one. At first glance you will see some womannames’s like irene, April, claire =], helen, Daniela, Ann, kate, darlene, lisa, “Girls Crewcuts” and many others. But these are all men, all men trying to fool you? Well…

Ok not all, hairfetish comes in lot of forms. Mine is about perms, so curls, since curls are very ” girly ” / ” woman ” some with a fetish like me go a bit further they dress up like a woman and feel that way, and therefore they use a womanname on some chats.  It’s not my cup of coffee (or tea 😉 )  but I understand them, ok a bit.

Those other men that use a woman-screenname (some including a profile with photo etc) I also understand a bit, that’s because on this chat when you say to be male the other person simply leaves. A lot of men only wanna chat with female’s even when there aren’t any. If you look up ” fetish ”  on google etc you will out that a fetish almost only occurs to men, it develeops during childhood or puberty, only a few woman have it… but much much less then men, so if you go to chats like this and  see names that are ” female ” -like don’t think these are woman, changes of that happening are extremely slim.

So why do men do that? Well some do it because they ” feel ” like a woman, since they dress that way. Some do it because otherwise they won’t get any chats, and some do it in hope that you ” bite ”  so they can jerk off.

What can we men do about it? Well first accept that a fetish for hair is almost men-only ( step 1 ) , step 2 stop playing mindgames on others ( say who you really are… I noticed that crossdressers ussaly do that, which I find ok).. step 3, chat with other men about your fetish instead of going for woman-only… since well… ok you could annoy yourself forever if you find that better.

I know it won’t help because those so called woman will never ommit being males, but we could annoy them back?

Fetish? It’s a men’s world… live with it, enjoy it…

My chat with webcam is open: ( yahoo-messenger / email , can also connect to msn-contacs ) to see me in real time is to show yourself in real time ( a webcam I mean )


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