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Perm number 15, Friday 6th November 2009

Today I went to my favourite salon from Cut and Go for a perm (or Dauerwelle in German), my 15th perm ever.

I arrived at the salon 12:30 orso, it was not a busy day.

On my favourite chair between the windows a woman was getting a perm done…

I had to wait some 20 minutes, but that was no problem. A young woman came and asked “for who are you waiting?” ( this salon works on a walk-in-basis you can’t reserve a time / stylist,  but offcourse you wait longer for the one you want if you wish), to me it doesn’t matter all that much all stylists there are well trained woman that can do everything very well. So I told her “I am waiting for you?” , infact I kinda was hoping in advance she was there today. She allready permed me once there, and one time just a cut.

We walked to the same chair where I had my last cut done, so left outside the photo. She asked “What can we do?” , I replied “Well my curls need to be redone”, “ah” she replied “So a perm, let see your card”. I showed her the card, then she asked “You are happy with curls that way?” , “Yes” I said. She asked me to come to the washingplace ( first one on the left)

She put a towel over my shoulders and after I leand back she make my hair wet and askes if the temperature was ok, it was nice warm so I said “everything ok”.  She washed my hair and rinsed out all the shampoo using a towel dried my hair a bit and left the towel on my head, we went back to the chair. There she put a nice dark blue cape on me and went away to get the permrods etc.

She came back with lots of permrods, she was going to use red/blue ones on top and blue ones for the rest. red/blue are with 10 mm a little bit tighter then blue which are 11 mm . In total 49 permrods where used. She asked during the winding “Is it too tight?” , well yes you can feel it it but I kinda like that feeling so I replied “no not a problem”, after the wind was completed which took some 30 minutes she use permrodsticks to keep the rods together, then it felt even more tight.

She went away for the permfluid and returend with a lot of cotton, yes I always love that. she used some creme around my face and drapped the cotton in place, after that she started applying the fluid. It felt cold, and I still love the smell of it. After the fluid was all put on the rods a mobile climasun was lowered on me and I had to sit and wait for > 20 minutes, what a drag. 😉  During the time I had to sit under the climasun I could see the other perm being done, that woman was coming back from the washingbowl with some very nice curls. Then the Climasun made a “PIEP” and Anna returned to look at how the curls are, she unwinded 2 rods and she was satisfied so she directed me to the washingbowl.

First she rinsed out the permfluids, that part always hurts a bit in the neck laying in washingbowl for 5 minutes or more and permrods between you and the washingbowl. The water was nice warm, then she was going to put the neutralizer in, she warned me that it could be cold, and it is…. but I kinda like all of this, feeling the permrods etc. After she was done with the neutralizer she put an extra towel between me and the washingbowl, that was a good feeling. I had to wait again, perms take a long time. 😉  But every minute is fun. I always look around the salon then, but today was not a busy day.

The neutralizer was done so it could be rinsed out. Then all the 49 rods where removed , I felt my head losing a lot “weight” , again some neutralizer in my hair again some rinsing and after that some condioner (always good for your hair), back to the stylingchair.

I just wanted to loose the deadends, so about 1 cm was cut off. Wow did these curls look curly. But that always with a fresh perm, a perm looks it’s best after 1-2 weeks. My hair was dried under a climasun with some mouse applied to it.

At the cash-register I paid the € 29,- and put  bit in Anna’s local “bank” 😉 , very very satisfied again I left for home. Right now I still can smell the fresh perm.. mmmm

Next salonvisit?, perhaps end of December or maybe early January. Next perm? most likely mid February 2010.


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  1. Wow, that sounds great, I have never had a re-perm, I hope to get one soon, my last perm was in february this year, so by now it’s all gone.

    I hope starting new year I will have a new perm, but this time on short hair. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Comment by Maurize | 10 November 2009 | Reply

    • No problem and thanks for your comment.

      Was it your first perm? Since you never re-permed before. Perhaps chat one day?

      Comment by jwagemakers | 13 November 2009 | Reply

  2. First time i’ve been to your site, makes me feel great i’m not alone in sharing a passion for perms. I’ve never had a perm personally and don’t really wish to. I do love to see women getting them done though. I have a very understanding wife who has had many perms over the years, most of which I have seen being done. She knows how much of a passion I have for perms an more than tolerates my request for her to get another one. She enjoys the experience and would even go so far as to say that it does turn her on. I think it’s the fact that I’m aroused that gets her going as well.

    Comment by perm lover | 12 November 2009 | Reply

    • Yes a woman in permrods is mmmmmmmmm. I was so fascinated with it all I wanted to feel how it really feels. My first perm > 3,5 years ago was planned as just a “how it feels”, but all my friends liked my curls, so I kept on perming.

      And no, by far you are not alone, many men have these feelings, but most stay in “hiding”

      Comment by jwagemakers | 13 November 2009 | Reply

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