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Perms , curlers, salonvisits, haircapes …

A fetish for hair is … ?

… very odd? very strange? No other person has it?

Well, No! to all of the above. Some sort of fetish can be nice / fun to have.

For me the whole proces of perming hair is so nice to see, and even nice to undergo, for me it’s a fetish. I feel sexually aroused seeing a perm being done, or getting on done. And since you read this now, big chance of you having some sort of fetish for hair, and you are not alone. Every week several hunderd people read this blog, many of them found it by looking for stuff like “perm fetish” “haircape fetish” etc.

With this blog I try to reach to people like you, and people like me, with having a fetish for hairthings. That having such a fetish is not odd/strange etc but nice to have.. enjoy it ( like I do) encourage others to enjoy it, if you have a life/sex-partner share this with him/her , yes it’s hard telling such a “secret”, but in the end you both can enjoy something nice that not many people can.

Too bad it all sounds “easy”, but that’s not always the case, people with a fetish are scared of being found out etc, and therefore hide using fakenames (some even change gender then, their “game” not mine), to stay 100% anonymous.

As you can see on the internet a fetish for hair is kinda “big”, many websites sell photos / videos that contain stuff that arouses us, or even some special “salons” for us to visit.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to help each other, chat with other hairfetishpeople? Webcam a bit etc? And all enjoy having our “thing”, my chat is open on yahoo-messenger: or chat here

Would be nice of reading more of you all, on the chat, on yahoomessenger in a Email or with a comment here.

Let’s help each other.

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