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It’s a mens world?

Well is it?

I think for fetishthing, especially hair related fetishes it IS a mens World. For woman going to a salon and undergoing the proces of a perm ( like on the photo) is “just” a part life, it’s needed to get curls ( when you don’t have them), to some men seeing such photos makes them feel horn, it helps in getting horny or it helps in getting it off a bit better / quicker. A fetish can go asfar that the desired object is absolutly needed to get things going. For me it’s just an extra.

On this blog I get many hits by search engines for people that seem to look for somekind of hair/salon-related fetish. Over the years I have had contact with many of those people, over Email, yahoogroup, or yahoomessenger (even with webcam),  and I am glad I started going so “open” on the internet about my fetish. I wanted people to see that’s very nice having such feelings and one can have fun with it.

It seems that a lot of people seem to be searching for a woman to share their fetish with, and it seems that some woman do the same. But many of those woman are in fact men, when you chat for some time you notice that they are just playing somekind of game, I don’t like such “mind”games. For me being open and fair about ones fetish is much more important than gender orso, I chat with all: gay, bi-sexuals,, crossdressers (yes seem a lot with hairfetish want to go a bit further)… and offcourse with woman, just all be fair.

So to me the hairfetishworld is mostly men only ( let’s say 100 to 1 orso) , is that a problem? Not to me, but I noticed on some chatsites that if you say that you are male the other leaves 😦 .  I still enjoy my fetish every day, putting on a haircapes and feeling well.. you know 😉 , browsing the internet for photos / videos / information, and offcourse some nice chats.

I hope you all keep looking up this blog, voting in all the polls, perhaps writing comments or maybe just browsing through my “adventures” in perming.

Would be nice to have some of you join me in a webcamchat on yahoo-messenger:


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  1. I’d like to communicate with you because I think you are a lot like me. I am a straight man who just can’t get enough of being in beauty salons. I especially love beauty schools and found a great one locally that really caters to my hair fetish. I have a very strong cape fetish…love being caped and seeing the ladies caped (especially pretty ones). It turns me on to no end. I have MANY different capes. Have actually purchased a lot of them from here in the states. Although I have an overall strong hair fetish, I too love getting perms..In short, I’d love to find someone who shares my fetish locally to “play” with like you…I have a beauty salon styling chair and many hairdressing supplies, including rollers, hair color, perms, and of course, many beautiful capes. I think everything you’ve said in this blog is 100% accurate and has been my experience as well from someone looking for hair photos, etc. Admittedly, to jerk off to. I’m emabarassed to say that I masterbate while I’m caped in the beauty schools undergoing hours of treatments from hair cholesterol treatments, haircolors, roller sets in perm rods (and have had perms….havn’t had a real perm for several years as I’d be very embarassed by colleagues comments at work..). I also get facials, manicures, and pedicures. I’ve probably had every beauty treatment possible as I’ll do anything to stay in my capes (they use my capes) as long as possible. Many times the shear excitement of having them set my hair in perm rods or coloring is enough to ejaculate without any help with my hands…just the thought. I’ll end it here but would certainly be willing to help your blog if I can….You seem to state things exactly as they really are…I don’t feel that I’m a pervert….(although my wife thinks my whole hair/cape fetish thing has gone too far…has no interest in “playing” with me…she did set my hair once. She now hates the thought of having sex with me if I have to put a cape on in order to make it happen.

    Thanks for a great blog…awesome comments…

    Comment by Larry | 23 August 2010 | Reply

    • Just send me an email…

      Comment by jwagemakers | 5 September 2010 | Reply

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