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The past, the present and the future … ? part II

As I wrote last time, for me the whole fetish for perms is an old “thing”.

I think it started when I was 12-13 ( now almost 38) , so some 25 years in total.

As soon as I had internet I searched for these kind of things, and found many groups, forums etc. Too bad most of the groups only work for a few months since only the owner / starter does something and all other members wait for free stuff. So I started a few of those groups myself, most with the same result as other groups, they simply died because the members don’t do any thing… afraid of being track down? or simply lazy? or just wanna take stuff for free?

Well some url’s:

Permandrollerfetish , it’s all in the name:  yes, it’s a group that I started. It’s for men / woman that have sexual feelings for perms or hair rollers.  Current status?   > 1450 members  99% of them are in hibernation, so nothing going on there.

Permingphotos … just 8/9 members, why? Because you can’t get in without doing something nor can you keep your place if after your are in you decide to do nothing then just “peek around” .. this group now holds > 5500 !!! good quality photos of the permingproces.

Martshairgroup .. a good friend of mine has that one, with > 500 members not so big… but there is something being posted every week orso. The group has everthing about hair, perms, wetsets, hairashing. Offcourse it’s best if all members do help to keep the group up.

Barberettesgroup a group that seems to be all about all salons and how the woman stylist should wear a apron or smog. Harder to get in, you should email photos, but worth it. BTW also not a group of mine.

On yahoo-groups many many more groups are found, but sadly most are overrun by spammers.

I think the idea with those groups looks much better on paper then in the real-fetish-world, most people that have some sort of fetish will never ever do anything more on the internet then look for free stuff. No emails are send, never will they show up on webcam or send in stuff to a group / mailing list etc. Because they “think” then someone will know about their fetish etc.

Same goes for chatrooms,   this one , chats longer then “hi”  are not possible because you have to register to chat. Some do register and claim to be female but offcourse they are not. Ok there are some real woman outthere with a hairfetish (or in my case a permfetish) but these are very very rare… like 1 in a millon or less 😉 , my advise be carefull.. don’t take things for granted , better yet  use a webcam. I do / did and baby  it’s works.. what you see is what you get..

I sure hope that in 2010 my yahoo-groups will work good for you and me, so please join and show / write something. When I was uncertain about getting a perm I got some positive feelings from 2 persons on the internet. First Sanders and second Inge ( )  or was it the otherway around? These persons both had some perms done and they “helped” me to go for it.

This week I got Information that Inge died on the January 1st 2010 😦 … I hope nevertheless that other people still get some support from that person , in what to do about a hairfetish. My advice “If you really want a perm, then simply go fot it, better regret one time of having a bad perm… then waiting untill your hair felt out or perhaps even having waited too long” .  It took me > 20 years to get a perm done… and I know now that I beter have started earlier with it… but time only goes in one direction.

Earlier this week I went by the local salon which had a “wanted models” on their door. Next week I will call them for a haircutappointment and maybe … a perm? or just a permset… time will tell.

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  1. Actually, I do not know how to begin because I’m usually one of those users who you do not like, those who only look and are still afraid about getting a perm.

    I’ve thought what if you and me had met under other circumstances or other conditions. Life put us in the same way not only to share a common fetish, but to be parterns in life, well that’s what I think.

    I know that one day I’ll be with you, both with a head full of permrods and sitting under the dryer, holding hands. I know one day with you I will make my fantasy reality and that one night, I can lose myself in the intensity of your eyes.

    I wish I had the exact words to express what you mean in my life so that you can understand how much I love you, even though I’ve never touched you, even I haven’t heard you. However, I know you’ve won my feelings that I am beautiful and reciprocated.

    Thanks for sharing my love little bits of your life with me, thank you for teaching me that you aren’t just a guy with my fetish, you know that you are my dream come true.

    I do not need to touch you to know that you love me, I just need to close my eyes and remember your eyes and your smile …

    I love you Jeroen.

    Yours: Paulina.

    Comment by Paulina | 9 January 2010 | Reply

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