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The past, the present and the future … ? part III

A few years ago I decided it was time to really “feel” how it is to have a perm done. In March 2006 my very first real perm was done but one year before that I was a model at a hairdressingschool for a permwind.

Doing permwinds is a bit “hard” so students have to practise that more then once, on a mannequinhead they start but then they have to switch to a real head which has a less then perfect hairgrow and headshape.. and offcourse a real Person moves and complains if things are uncomfortable. So I got a nice permwind one day, all blue rods. It took her almost 1 hour to wind me. That’s also the reason they have to practise that , to get faster doing it. For an exam they should be able to do a wind in 45 minutes or less.

After my first real perm was done, I decided to look for someone that was looking for a permmodel. I found a woman that could need a model for a perm, so I decided to go for it. I liked it so much, it took longer than in a salon and for less then € 17,-  a  wash / perm / dry …. wow. So I went back again for an other perm a few months later and after that went back once more so she could get more speed in winding. That last time she did 2 permwraps on me, a normal 6 /9-part wrap, that took her a bit less then 45 minutes. After that a brick-lay-pattern , but that took almost 1 hour.

Me during the 2nd real perm done at that school.

A few weeks back a local salon here had an “ad” in the window… “looking for hairmodels” , since they asked on that small paper for everything including perms, I decided to go for it. Went by the salon last week and talked with the owner, he said it was ok if I wanted it next week after making an appointment over telephone, so I did just that.

So 2 days back I went there. A younger woman was allready waiting for me. We went back in the shop, this salon is 4 rooms of stylingstations “deep”. In the first only 2 bigger chairs for men, in the other 3 rooms there are 3 or 4 places per room. We went to the last room, an elderly woman wss getting a wetset, and my place was next to her. My stylist came back with a book full with modern men-cuts… because that’s what she tought I was there for. She was almost ready with her 2 years of beautyschool, an only needed a man for a short cut… well not me;) .  I told her that I only wanted the ends of.

She put a black cape on me, with a small white text on it and ask me to follow her to the washingplace. Every chair in these last 3 rooms had a own forwardwashplace and the mirrors had a frame like a painting, so a bit “old”, in the whole salon there was just one place to do a backwash. She washed my hair twice and did a firm job.. it felt great, and after that a conditioner. With a towel around my head we went back to the last room. There she dried my hair a bit and started cutting it. As always my curls looked better and better after loosing 1 – 1,5 cm.

After the cut she blowdried my hair, I looked like a exploded poodle. Then she put some stuff in it that would help to make it less of a volume… but I still didn’t really like it.

She did a good cut , but I think she was not happy because she didn’t find a model for her male-exam, and I wasn’t happy beause I didn’t like how I looked when I left the salon. I told her that I maybe know someone suited for waht she needs and left the salon, shortly after that went to a toilet and made my hair wet to gave me my curls back … then I was happy again.  btw the photo was taken after I made my hair look like what I like / want.

So this was the 3rd person I was model for, I had high expectations and those expectations where too high. So I leave it at that… next visit to a salon will be my trusty salon again.


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  1. Great curls…… I like your hair longer. She cut too much off. Just my opinion.

    Happy perm to you!


    Comment by Pauly | 16 January 2010 | Reply

    • Yes she cut off a bit too much… but my hair was “dead” .. Too bad in the winter it grows slower 😦

      Perhaps next time I will get a perm without a cut? Only time can/will tell.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 16 January 2010 | Reply

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