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The past, the present and the future … ? part V

See her smiling.

Is she enjoying the proces? or the idea of having some nice curls in a short time?

Well we can only guess, as you all have read in the past 4 parts, to me the permingproces is a fetish. A fetish is a “thing” that can be needed or can encourage or can give an extra impulse to ones sexual desires. To me it’s an extra, under normal circumstances I can get aroused too, but seeing a photo as this one one.. well like seeing into playboy-magazine? 😉

So in the past I started winding permrods in my hair, getting perms done etc.. and it all arouses me. What will the (near) future bring? Time will tell. What I do know is that over this blog I have met and chatted with some very intresting people, some share my permfetish or have an othe hair/salon type fetish. One of those people I hope to meet for real in 2010, too bad it’s long distance otherwise tomorrow would be fine.

Next month or maybe in March a new perm will follow, and the perm after that one is planned at the end of June.

I hope you all enjoy my BLOG , maybe it will help you with your fetish?

My chat is as always open on yahoo-messenger.


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  1. did i tell u that i love u?… We are going to be together one day…. i promise u… i love u Jer!

    Comment by Paulina | 29 January 2010 | Reply

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