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To perm or not to perm? … part III

Is this what we are going to see more often in salons around the World?

I started getting perms in 2006 and on the internet one can found lots of articles about the “comeback” of the perm.. but is that really the case? Are more woman getting perms done? or still afraid of that “monster”-perm that was done in the 80’s?

Sofar I didn’t notice more perms being done in 2010 compared to 2009, and mostly on older woman.

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  1. I have a perm. I got my first one last year. I am going for my second one this afternoon. I love them. I was a bit afraid to at first because my Mom had one of those terrible 80’s perms forever. Even well into the 90’s. But mine looks new, relevant and is a beautiful body wave.

    But who knows, maybe my perm will be the new “terrible 80’s perm”.

    Comment by Livebesidetheocean | 18 May 2010 | Reply

    • Cool, thanks for the reply.

      I just love perms, not only the results but the whole proces in the salon.

      My next perm will be end of June or first weet of July.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 18 May 2010 | Reply

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