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To perm or not to perm? … part IV

In the coming month it will be my hair receiving such treatment.

Smell is a very powerfull things, if we smell something then we can remember certain things. So for me smelling permfluid reminds me of the fun in the salon.. the tight rods in my hair.. mmm  .. yes my fetish, and I am not alone many many more people have that fetish.

Chat with me? on yahoo-messenger ( can also add msn/live contacts )

I find it nice to chat with people about these things, sometimes even with webcam. I am glad that I am so open about this otherwise I would never met someone very dear to me.

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  1. It is not one of the options in the poll but I am rather neutral towards the smell. I don’t think it is particularly bad and I am also specifically liking it.


    Comment by Sanders | 2 March 2010 | Reply

    • urrr…there is a not missing in that last part: and I am also not specifically liking it.

      Comment by Sanders | 2 March 2010 | Reply

  2. Thanks for your input, I like it when I get comments from a reader.

    Here one can add stuff to polls.. so guess what 😉

    Comment by jwagemakers | 2 March 2010 | Reply

  3. How often do you perm your hair? Do you have sets in between perms?

    Comment by tecnipli | 3 March 2010 | Reply

    • I have perms done 3-4 times a year. No sets, sets are not needed to get what I like. I also think that a wetset is more meant for a woman to get the “perfect” look.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 3 March 2010 | Reply

      • I have had my long hair set on perm rods and bendy rods to achieve that ‘messy’ look 🙂

        Comment by tecnipli | 4 March 2010

  4. I like ‘messy’ look.. so the curls look more natural. Perhaps one day I will have a wetset done… just for the time in the salon/chair with the feel of rollers in my hairr for a long time, but I don’t think I will like that “done” look on me.

    Do you get perms done? Or afraid of the permanent curls?

    Comment by jwagemakers | 4 March 2010 | Reply

    • As my hair is quite long (past bs length) and I have highlites done every few weeks, my hairdresser reckons a perm may be too damaging. I’ve had perms before – curls were too tight so had to be set in large rollers after.

      Comment by tecnipli | 6 March 2010 | Reply

      • On some boards people write that one always must have a set after / with perms. I find that not nessary, I think most men say it’s needed because of the extra salontime etc.. and it’s even more woman-like. To me it’s the proces of a perm that arouse me, don’t ask 😉

        Comment by jwagemakers | 9 March 2010

  5. I love you daddy… and i miss you so much… im jealous 😦

    Comment by Paulina | 5 March 2010 | Reply

    • I love you too and miss you also. Don’t be jealous, it’s not needed.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 9 March 2010 | Reply

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