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Some “milestones” reached… part I

I have reached a few milestones here.

This is blog-entry number 100. The first entry was done on 31th December 2006.

On the photo you see me with a record-spiral-permwind… 117 permrods in total. I hope more milestones will be reached by me… like my “sweet” 16th perm? 😉   Who knows, time will tell.

Thank you all for reading my blog here and on 360-yahoo-pages before, many thanks for the people that comment my blog.


5 March 2010 - Posted by | Finding hairfetish-contacts on the net, Perms | , , , , ,

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  1. There is no better feeling for me than when you are sat pvc gown and cape on, perm curlers are in wound tightly against my scalp and perm solution being applied.

    Comment by James pearce | 18 January 2014 | Reply

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