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Some “milestones” reached… part III

Yesterday I went to my favourite Salon called Cut and Go for a perm.

Around 13:00 I was at the salon and it seems a busy day,  in the waitingarea where 6 people waiting. But then I noticed that one woman with child was waiting for a stylist that was not working today, an other person left as soon as his partner was ready and then one 2 where left. Me and a woman.

I noticed in the Salon there was a new stylist. Since it was 13:15 orso, most stylist went on a break and got sometime to eat / drink etc. Then a stylist came and asked “who is next?”  , the woman wiating was there longer as me so it was her turn ( unlesss she wanted to wait for a different stylist, but she didn’t )  , so I was next. Then the next stylist ame and asked if I was waiting for one stylist in particulair… “Yes” I replied ” I am waiting for Beate” (see the photo)

So when Beate came from her lunchbreak we went to her chair, yes the one between the windows.. I sat down and she said “A perm, yes?”  , “yes indeed” I replied. She put a towel over my shoulders and used a black cape, then we went to the washingplace. After my hair was washed twice we returned to the stylingchair.

She asked “what kind of permrods?” , I said “blue withe some gray’s to give a more natural look” , “yes” she said “that looks nicer,  and cut away only the ends?” .. “Yes I said not that much”.  She decided to cut first and after that to perm.

I asked her about the new stylist, she was indeed “new”, she replaced an other woman that changed her job to an other city closer to where she lives. This Salon is one of a chain withe several Salons between Hanover and Kassel in Germany.

After the cut she started with the permwind, in total 53 permrods where put in my hair, most blue and on the crown some blue/gray’s. I love her chair because you can look outside but it’s also nice to see my own back since directly behind is an othe stylingchair  so I could see the permrods in from behind aswell… mmmm feels so nice.

After the permfluid was applied I had to “bake” under a silver color Climsununit… watching myself this way, feeling the permrods… sooo nice.

After some 25 minutes the climasun went away and back to washingplace again, to rinse out the permfluid. This hurts a bit since you have to lie in the sink for some time and there are permrods between your neck and the hard washingplace. After some rinsing with warm water the neutralizer feels like “ice” brrr. How cold is that, she warned me before putting it on ( I laughed a bit because I knew it allready) but it still is a “shock” , then this neutralizerfoam has to “work” for some 10 minutes. During that time I always sit normal instead of lying because I like to look around in the salon, now an elderly woman was getting a wetset.

After the neutralizer was done my hair was rinsed again an the permrods removed, I felt the tension on my head/hair go away and offcourse the weight of the rods. Some extra rinsing and some conditioner and back to the stylingchair. Since she had had started with the cut now she only had “play” a bit with the new curls put some mousse in it and let it dry under the climasun. Shortly before 16:00 my hair was dry.

I paid € 29,-  and left a tip. This was my 19th visit to a salon of Cut & Go, I know the because if you have 10 payingstrips you get € 5 refunded, I once had 10  and now I have 9 so next time will be € 5,- cheaper.

Why is this a “milestone” ?  Well it was/is my “sweet” 16th perm.

Now I have to wait for over 3 months for my next perm 😦 , ahwell 😉


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  1. I really wanted to be here next to you getting a perm too… I love you and I miss you Jeroen… hope to chat with u sooooooooooooon.

    Comment by Paulina | 20 March 2010 | Reply

  2. That would be so nice… side-by-side having perms.

    A dream come true? Only time will tell.

    Comment by jwagemakers | 24 April 2010 | Reply

  3. Nice report, really detailed.
    I think that much courage is needed for doing this, so well done

    Comment by ZeroAce | 11 May 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you for your reply.

      Yes having perms done as a man takes some courage, perhaps even extra because perms are a fetish of mine, but frankly after my first perm was done I felt more and more confident about all this. You only live once, so if you want to feel it, try it before your time is up.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 14 May 2010 | Reply

  4. […] 19th March 2010 for a perm […]

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