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Some “milestones” reached… part IV

That must feel so nice, so many permrods…so many time spend in a salon chair… well perhaps one day, who knows.

Earlier this week I had my 4th anniversary of having perms done, on march 23th 2006 I was permed for the very first time… each day when I think back at that day it still arouses me.  Read it  here

Today I write for the 30th week in a row on Friday, I started with this in September 2009and so far each week > 1000 hits on my blog, thanks tou you all.  Since January 2010 I started writing in a monthly theme, so this was the 3rd theme… next Friday new theme.

I hope you all like all I have to say and do, and I hope you all can as much fun as I have with this fetish for hair / perming.

Perhaps some of you like to write a comment here, or send me an Email, perhaps chat with me on yahoo-messenger? or maybe here at Kat’s ,  would be nice to hear from my readers.

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