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It’s a “strange” (hair)fetish-world..part 1

Is it “strange” to have a fetish? or is it “strange” to write about, read about it, search the internet for it?

Well no, having a fetish is normal as normal as being human. A fetish is being sexual attracted by or getting aroused by/over  things that are of a non-sexual-nature. Some like to be chainged up ( bondage ) or beaten up ( S.M.) and some have a “thing” for hair-things.

So what’s so “strange” about it?  Well since any kind of fetish is considered to be not “normal”  , most people are in “hiding” , yes they look over the internet for things related to their fetish or buy videos / photos etc  but that’s about it. Some try to misabuse you , by asking way too much money for simple things like a haircape or time in a special Salon or somekind of roleplaying video without writing that’s not a “real” video.  Some men ( mostly men on the internet with somekind of fetish) talk to as if they are woman in hope of getting you “hot” and then offcourse they jerk off.

I find those things a bit sad, yes I know the internet is ussally used to gain personal enjoyment some times no matter the cost.

To me it’s different, I use the internet (this blog and my yahoo-groups) to share what I feel, to let others know it is much more common then what they might have tought. Before the internet I tought I was “alone”, that no-one on this world have sexual feelings about perm.. but boy was I wrong.

I think we all should support each other, not abuse each other by telling to be of an other gender. “sharing” was that not the main reason for the internet in the first place?

I am “what you see is what you get”, just look me up on yahoo-messenger… My webcam works, I hope yours does too.


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  1. Wird die Dauerwelle auch in eine Kaltwellhaube eingepackt?
    Hat die Kaltwellhaube die gleiche Faarbe wie der Umhang ?

    Comment by Bernd Asbach | 25 April 2010 | Reply

    • I only write in English here… because I want it so that all people can read it.

      Well I had in total 4 perms done where a Permcap was used, at 2 different locations. In both places they used a black haircape and a black permcap, so yes… they matched.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 26 April 2010 | Reply

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