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It’s a “strange” (hair)fetish-world..part 2

So many “strange”  things / people seem to to have a (hair)fetish and enjoy it their way. Nothing wrong with that. Is it?

Well some go a bit too far… not only are there lots of men outthere  trying to fool you into believing you are chatting with a woman so that they can jerk off… no, some people try to get money out of you !

This week I heard that someone wants in acces of € 50 per hour just to chat with you… is that how a fetish works in this time of internet? We try to get money from each other just because we wanna chat about similiar things?

To me internet is a place to share with others, to share my feelings, to hear about an other own feeling… so we together can enjoy what is “our” fetish. Never would I willingly hurt someone , nor ask money in return for a simple favor like chatting, I only ask for respect and the truth… the truth about everything including gender. This way it may sound like I am only interested in real woman, but that’s not the case , I have lots of very nice chats with many men. Some are gay, some like to crossdress or… to me it’s all the same anyone that’s fair about their gender are most likely also fair about the whole fetish thing… and that’s important to me, to gain trust about giving trust and receiving trust, not just some mindgame in hope of own personal pleasure.

Today I had a very nice chat with someone that tried to figure out “why” he had this fetitsh he has, I tought about my own fetish and why, but never found the answer… frankly why look for an answer? Just enjoy it. BTW I do understand why some persons wanna know why.

The only “why”  questions that I have now are:  Why are there so many men outthere just playing their gender-bender-games?   and Why would someone pay to chat with someone about a hairfetish.. or the other side why ask money for it?

My chat is open on yahoo.. just look on this blog for my adress.. I really love to do webcam

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  1. Hi my name is Quentin. I would like to be called alison. I am a crossdresser looking for some one with the sam insterst. I ran accrossed ur profile and liked what I seen. I am one to like to go get my hair done,shop,dress up. I was wondering if u would ever like to chat. Hope to here from u soon Alison

    Comment by Quentin | 30 October 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t know what you are looking, fair of you to mention the things you like. To me it’s not about being a woman or looking like one, but I did noticed that many other men that like these hairsalonthings do crossdressing.

    My chat adress can be found on this blog aswell… just read other items.

    Comment by jwagemakers | 30 October 2011 | Reply

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