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It’s a “strange” (hair)fetish-world..part 3

Since I have this BLOG here hosted at WordPress , a lot of people find my blog using Internet Search Machines like google, and on my stats I can see which search they did. Sometimes I do a back-trace of it, to look what I get myself.

Using “fetish sex hair perming ”  I found these.

Number 1 to those looking to find a possible “why” for their fetish.

Number 2 Intresting question… I tried answering it but it’s not possible anymore and the topicstarter blocks all email etc… too bad because most here will know the answer.

I know from myself that I also did a lot of searching that way, one looks for recognision for others that are like you or just for some photos / videos to watch at.  Sometime even to buy something for the fetish. A lot of sites sell off photos/videos of hair being done… and I think all people that buy there have a fetish for those things. I have bought some collection of video/photos aswell because of the quality you get then, whole video’s instead of   few seconds etc.

Over time I have met many nice people , some found me over my BLOG, others over my yahoo-groups or I found them. One of those people is really special to me and not only because if the shared fetish.

Sometime I write stuff here that’s on the negative side of things, I find it sad that such things happens a lot  concering the Fetish-world.. a lot of people just try to fool others to get some own personal advantage. Men trying to get you “hot”  because they keep telling you that they are female… what’s to gain by lie-ing? To me it’s just annoying, perhaps there are also men outthere (on the internet) that get a “kick”  out of being fooled that way, but I doubt it. Too bad complaining about these things will not help, my advice :  use a webcam. I do, mine is open over yahoo-messenger ( sorry no MSN although yahoo can connect to msn / live but without webcam then). I think it’s better to be open and fair about not just a fetish but bout everything else too… I believed it helped me in finding the one special person for me, I don’t think I could have found that person when doing some “look I am a woman”-game.


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  1. I share the same fetish

    Comment by Jason | 17 July 2010 | Reply

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