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It’s a “strange” (hair)fetish-world..part 5

So how “strange” are we?

We are not strange perhaps just a bit different or more open to what we feel / like.

My chat is open to anyone that wants to chat fair, with webcam.  Just look me up on yahoo-messenger. Don’t try to fool me into believing that you are a female when you are not, if you like to jerk off during a chat under such lies then look for people that like to be jerked with. So with me it’s NO webcam? Fine, then NO chat.


Yesterday I wrote my “every Friday blog-entry”  well it got out a bit short, becuase I had some problems with making the BLOG-entry had to upload the image several times etc.

Perhaps now people might think I only want to chat with females? or perhaps only over webcam. Well that’s only partly true…. it keeps remaining a bit of a sad thing that on the internet you can meet a lot of men forcing you into their roleplayinggame ( they play a woman ) just so they can jerk off, and such things happen so often that I totally stopped believing all “woman”  unless seen on a webcam, why is that?  Well because only with a live videofeed one can be certain, a few photos can be found over google… in fact whole profiles of other people are being abused by those fakers, and it seems they are multiplying… the “problem” get worse and worse, so bad that on some nice chatboxes there is mostly chat about who is NOT a female etc. Is that what we all want with our fetish?  Just annoy others to get off more quickly?

Well not me ! Yes I have a fetish for hair / capes / salon / perms, and yes I like to chat with people about it, but one has to give trust to receibe trust. I did my part, by making this BLOG to show myself, to show the world that a fetish is not weird…  now it’s up to you, open up be fair. I won’t go away if I chat with a male, yes I get annoyed over lies about Gender, not because I only wanna chat about these things with females but because if one lies about gender who knows what the whole real truth is about that person.  So I showed myself ( and will show myself over webcam) now it’s up to you.


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