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Choices to make…part I

Whole our life we make lots of choices.

But some things one can not choose, like being gay or hetero or having some fetish of somekind. You are either born that way or you have developed those feelings.

What we do with those feelings / fetish that’s some you CAN choose. I decided to “live”  my fetish, to feel what I wanted to feel, to have a perm done. Yes , I was ery afraid of the outcome or maybe even afraid of others knowing about me having this fetish, but it all turned out ok.

Now I have curls, and boy do I like my curls. I used to really love the proces and was afraid that curls maybe not suit me, but then I could have gone shorter… but no , I liked it, not only the proces but my curls aswell.

Within the next 2 months an other perm will follow, my 17th since 4 years ago when I started getting perms, and still I get exited over the whole thing.

I’ve learned about many other people with this kind of fetish, and they share the same “fears” as I had… I know it’s hard taking a step into following one’s fetish… but you only live once, enjoy it.

I am happy that my blog has so many readers and some leave me some messages as well, thanks for all the support… I hope that all people with somekind of hair / salon-fetish can benifit from what I do.


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