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Choices to make…part III

I choose to be very open, and openminded about my fetish for perms.

Not only on this BLOG, but on chatpages aswell and on yahoo-messenger. I like to chat with other fetishpeople, not only woman but with anyone that is fair and I also chat about other things / other fetishes etc, why so open?

Well only by being fair and open one can not only ejoy his/her own fetish but perhaps help the other too. I know on the internet a lot of people just wanna “take”, want everything for free.. photos / videos or  even jerk off a the expense of the other.

I am not like that, and luckely for me many more people are fair and open. Each day I have lots of nice chats on yahoo-messenger with many different people living all accros the globe.. and we all share these fetish-feelings.

Today I walked by “my” salon and a perm was being done, on blue rods ( so like mine) , it’s been over 9 weeks since my perm was done, maybe in a week or 2 I get my inbetween-2-perms-cut. I always love it at that salon, the smell, the stylists and maybe watching a perm being done.

Maybe I see you one day on yahoo-messenger?


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