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Meet ‘n’ greet a fellow (hair)fetishperson?.. part II

Over the last many years I have had found many people active on the internet with their hairfetish, and a lot of those people gained my respect very quickly. Because well, having some kind kind of fetish ( hair related or not) is not that common  and then opening up on a medium like the internet  where with a few “easy”   clicks one can find someone when using (or similiar) with words like “hairsalon fetish”  “sex in a hairsalon” etc. Those people are not afraid of going all the way with their feelings so communicating with them about fetish-things is much easier because you know they feel like you , or a bit like you, you are not “odd”  anymore.

For me that’s a good reason to really meet such people, chatting / emailing / perhaps webcamming gives not the same “impuls” as a real meet. One can really see the reaction not only in the eyes of the other but with everything.

To me such meets are not of a sexual kind, I mean yes to me haircapes and permrods are very sexuel exciting, but for me sex is more private matter, perhaps one day my fetish can be combined with a sexual relationship but it’s not explicitly needed for me.

The fact of meeting someone that also has a kind of fetish that’s not that common and sharing those feelings in words or maybe somekind of play with capes or with a chair or… let your imagination go wild 😉 , can be a very nice experience for both persons ( or more )

I am glad I allready had one meet, and whos knows what can happen.

I am also very glad of finding a nice woman over my blog that shares in my fetish, and other things.

So my advice to all is, be open, be fair,   honesty is the best policy.


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