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Meet ‘n’ greet a fellow (hair)fetishperson?.. part III

First I got some reactions on yahoo-messenger/email about the photo from last week.

Yes it’s a perm, the “rods”  are called “Creative Shapers”  from a brand with the name “Wella” , a haircompagny from Germany. With these shapers one can create softer / bigger waves / curls so such a perm is much more “natural”-looking.  Not many Salons uses those “shapers” ( perhaps some of you can find such salons for me?, just comment here or come on yahoo-messenger), and I see why, one set of “rods”  with clambs costs € 13,- per 10… where “normal”  permrods with rubberbands cost € 2,-  per 12 . Here in Germany perms seem to be making a real comback, not only grannies get perms done but more and more younger woman aswell,  now let’s hope some men too… ahwell … I get perms that should be enough, or not?

So I once met a fellow (hair) fetishperson. Yes a man, well because you must fugured out allready most active on the internet with somekind of fetish are men ( some of them pretend to be female, why… well your guess is a good as mine). With this man I emailed a few times, and then we really met. His fetish was more the other site, he liked to wear aprons and smock ( kittel in German). We talked a lot , he even told me he had some talks with a therapist to clear his mind of these feelings… but that didn’t work out, because he wanted to enjoy the feelings. Then we went to a small room in his house with a big barberchair and all the stuff normally needed to get a haircut, and offcourse lots of apron / capes etc. We had some play, he caped me and put some rods in my hair. Afterwards he even give me a cape to keep, my white one..

I must say it really felt good to be able to really meet someone with this kind of fetish, it’s much more powerfull expierence then staring at a chatwindow etc… I can only say to all, be honest and fair, open up on chat ( with webcam) or make a meet, it will do you good, trust me.

The last couple of Friday’s I walked by my salon ( and a few more) and offcourse I peek inside, one time at an other Salon then “mine” a perm was being done on a elderly woman using a permtray ( some people really like it when those are used) , I have had 2 perms done with such a tray… it looks a bit well.. you guess.. ahwell… but I did enjoy it all, but I also enjoy it without the permtray, feeling the permrods tightly in my hair, feeling the cold fluid.. the smell… oh boy. I hardly can wait untill my next perm.

Perhaps some of you wanna chat with me? With webcam? Look me up at yahoo-messenger: , or send me an Email, or a message here or..

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  1. i want a perm

    Comment by Jason | 20 June 2010 | Reply

    • Cool, I know the feeling.

      My advise, call a Salon and go for it, you only live once and better have regretted getting one bad perm done then getting old regretting never having one done.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 20 June 2010 | Reply

  2. Oh yes! I really enjoy the permtray!!! It hasn’t been used on me yet. But I hope it does next time. I’ve had two perms (last one was on February 09), I’d really love to have another one (it is addictive!) but now my hair is really short, so I will have to wait a bit. Have you had a perm on short hair?

    BTW, what do you think? If you have a girlfriend (or even a close friend), you’re getting a perm and she’s coming with you to the salon. Is it more arousing (for you) when the other person knows about your fetish? or do you prefer the other persons thinks you just want to get a perm and have to “suffer” the process to get it done?

    I’m just curious.

    Greetings from Mexiko!

    Comment by Maurize | 21 June 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the response.

      Well my first perm was done on a bit shorter hair , but still between 10cm and 15cm overall length. I think perms in short hair look to much like a “perm”, catch my drift? No my kinda perm, I like my curls to be soft / big / natural looking.

      I know what you mean, having a fetish is a complex thing. Telling someone about it takes a lot of courage, because you will never know how they will react. I can’t speak for your situation offcourse but I can understand how people will react if you say “When I see a woman in a neat permwind I get hotter then from seeing the centerfold of playboy-magazine”..

      Also I really enjoy getting my hair permed, I don’t have a feeling that I have to “suffer” the time, I just love every minute of it.

      So right now I am single, well I kinda found a very nice woman over my blog and we really like each other and thus she knows about my fetish. If in an other situation I would tell a woman of my fetish? Well yes, but when and how, I don’t know.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 21 June 2010 | Reply

  3. I love you… and I’ll be thankfull with the life… cause you are in mine 🙂 I love you baby!

    Comment by Paulina | 14 July 2010 | Reply

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