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Meet ‘n’ greet a fellow (hair)fetishperson?.. part IV

That could fun , or not?

Meeting someoneelse off the internet that shares a hairfetish, or maybe exactly yours and then do some “play” perhaps?

I think we all can and should help each other, not just try to help ourself but try to meet someone for real.. talk / share ideas and who knows what can happen.

I noticed many people come to my blog over internet search engines and a lot of the time the word “fetish” is used, together with “salon” or “haircapes” or “perm” etc. I tried looking for numbers, how many people on average have a fetish like this, with this many viewers / readers and the fact that there so many websites selling hairvideos etc the number of people with somekind of fetish for hair should be not that low, or not?

Ahwell, I still hope to meet some of you for real.. and one in particulair 😉 … maybe for real, maybe on a webcam? Maybe to chat sometime. Just look me up on yahoo-messenger.


25 June 2010 - Posted by | Finding hairfetish-contacts on the net, poll | , , , ,


  1. Maybe this is an off-topic question but I always wonder this: where do you get all these pictures? Some years ago, before I start to getting perms myself, the closest thing was to search for pictures on the internet (and I still do it), but I almost find the same every time, so how do you come up with new pictures every week? Just curious.

    As always, great blog!

    Comment by Maurize | 30 June 2010 | Reply

  2. Yes, it’s harder to get photos like that I know. But my source still is going strong, how I found it? That’s my secret, but you have to think outside-the-box so google etc won’t help…

    Comment by jwagemakers | 2 July 2010 | Reply

  3. Are you going to share the secret with your mexican woman? 🙂 I love u…

    Comment by Paulina | 14 July 2010 | Reply

  4. I love perms

    Comment by Jason | 17 July 2010 | Reply

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