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Dreams.. part IV

In 2006 I decided to “go” with my dream, my dream of having a perm done … to feel how it really feels with real curls, no more playing /   “fooling” around… just say “yes”.

If you read this it all sounds zo easy, and offcourse it was/is not. If you feel the way I feel about perms it’s not a 1..2..3 decision to go for it… as you all know to me seeing a perm done or having it done sexually arouses me.. so what will happen if I am in the chair? And on the other side, how will people react on me having perms, what will they say? or think?  or perhaps even know of this fetish?

There’s  only one way of getting answers to that kind of questions, do it. Call a salon and go for what you like, it’s  your head , your hair, your life … do it before getting old and regretting never have tried it.

This week I have had hit 50.000 on this blog in about 1 year. I started this version of my blog in June 2009  but it was untill August that I really did a lot of new stuff, and from September 2009 I started writing every Friday. 50.000 hits in such a short time givs me the “feel” that many of you like what I have to show / write… maybe one of you would like to chat with me? or meet me? or whatever… look on thiss blog for my Emailadres it’s there… just look 😉 .. Thanks all for looking at my blog and I hope it helped you in your hairfetish.

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