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Dreams.. part V

Yes ,  Go Girl.. get a perm and enjoy… and she does.. see her smiling… I wish I could have seen her smile after she has seen her curlylooks.

This month’s theme was/is “Dreams”, a thing that all of (hair)fetish-people share are dreams, we dream about certain things happening.. but sometimes one take control and take a “dream” / fantasy to reality… as I did.

Wednesday 7th July 2010 I went to my favourite Salon,  the shop called Cut And Go.

Since I planned a perm today, I was around  14:00 there.

It was not a busy day at the Salon, and soon it was my turn. Today my stylist was Anna, she allready permed me twice. Today I was seated on a chair with the back to the waiting area.

I had my camera with me that  day because there was a nice fair in the city , I mad this photo after I returned from the fair.

My chair for that day was   the one not shown in the photo  but on the backside of the “island”  in the right of the photo.

I sat down and she asked “What can we do today?” , “my curls need to be redone” I replied.. “ah yes, a perm can I see your card? ” .. I showed her the card where they write about how perms have been done.. what rods, solution and time etc. She asked me to go to the washingarea.

After I seated myself on the first washingplace she drapped a black towel over my shoulders and asked me to lay back. She washed my hair twice and then wrapped the towel around my head, back to stylingchair ( or permchair? 😉 )

There she dried my hair a bit more with the towel before putting on a black haircape .. now the winding could begin. She got hold of her trolley with all the rods etc and looked around for the correct ones,  blue ones .  She started winding in the front and when the “line”  from front to my nape was done she rolled both sides, first right then left. During this we chatted a bit about lots of things and she asked a few times if the winding was too tight.. I love it to feel those rods in my hair, so too tight?  nooo.. 😉   During the winding it got a bit busier in the Salon and I could see the waitingarea in the mirror getting filled… and offcourse those people could see me getting a perm. After the last permrods was wound in my hair she put some 7 or 8 permrodholdersticks trough the,m, now the tension on my hair was even getting more. And she went away to get the smelly-stuff 😉

After she returned she first put a towel over my shoulders and made a knot in the front so it would stay there, now she had the cotton in her hand and some creme… the creme she applied there where the cotton would go… during this the cotton was lying on the towel in my neck.. she then took the cotton to put around my face etc  and some of the cotton got stuck in towel… she had to remove those bits.. looked a bit funny. She put the cotton around my head and took the bottle of permfluid and started applying it… oh boy does that smell nice and it feels a bit cold too. Then she got hold of the mobile silver climasununit and I was put under it for 25 minutes.

This time the 25 minutes felt very long because I had to go to the toilet… perhaps I drank a bit too much this day? ahwell , when the unit made it’s “bleeep” Anna was there and removed the unit and asked me to go to the washingplace. I said “Well I have to go to the toilet first” … she removed the towel and asked if she should rve the remove the capes aswell , “no that’s not a problem” I said. So I went to the customer toilet with cape on and hair full of permrods.. as you all know this situation does something to me… but then i’s kinda hard using a toilet… 😉   but since I really really needed to go the toilet it went ok… after I had done my thing there ( seated offcourse because of the cape), I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror… I love it to see myself in permrods …

I went to the washingplace where Anna allread was waiting,  she then rinsed out my hair for some 10 minutes and warned me about how cold the neutralizer is… and boy is that cold. But boy what a joy.. more time in permrods.. after she applied all the foam she asked me to lean a bit forward and she put a towel between me and the sink, because lying for such a long time in a hard sink kind hurts a bit. This neutralizer had to “work”  for some 15 minutes orso.. I always try to sit more upright then, and watch what is going on in the salon… today not much, but it’s also fun to see how people re-act to me. After a 15 min wait Anna returned and rinsed out the foam and removed the rods , after that a bit more neutralizer was used and rinsed out again before some condinioer is put in my hair. Now it’s cutting time.

We returned to “my” place and the curls looked nice agai She asked how much to cut, and 1 cm should be enough I said. She put my hair in the back uo using some clippers and stretched it down.. my hair there is really long, but I love it.. due to the perm it looks so much shorter then it really is. In the front she cut even less then 1 cm.. after this cut some mousse was applied and I had to dry under a climasununit..

I was very happy again with the whole proces, and for such a bargain… only € 29 for 2 hours of fun in the salon.. and a suburb hairdo, we can’t complain.  I even left Anna a small tipp in her little Animal-bank.

So how did I look?

That photo was taking and the later evening when I was back here again.

As usual a perm is very tight in it’s first weeks… so now how I look today.

I still find this perm a bit too tight, and my next perm I will let them use or all Gray perm rods, or an alternating a pattern using gray and blue.

I hope some of you ( or all of you) enjoy reading this about as much as I did doing it…. some dreams one has to follow… because you can regret not only the things you do but also the things you didn’t do.

I also hope to meet some of you on yahoomessenger or maybe send me an email?

Thanks all for visiting my blog so often.

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  1. […] 7th July 2010 for a perm […]

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    • Jeroen,
      This second picture is excellent. I have seen others of your pictures, and I think this one is the very best. It is not to curly nor too long — the only problem is that someone who did not know you would not guess it is a perm — it looks natural.

      Comment by James Harrison | 5 April 2014 | Reply

      • Thanks for the comment.

        I like my hair longer then that, to me it doesn’t matter too much if people can guess or see I have a perm.

        Comment by jwagemakers | 11 April 2014

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