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About?.. part II

This blog is not about me.

Not about a single Male with this affection / “thing” for the proces of a perm being done etc.

No, it’s about you all… my readers. You all came here looking for somekind of recognizion.. perhaps you like perms as I do, or maybe you are more into other hairthings? Maybe you get horny over wearing a haircape? Or perhaps gettign your hair died or…  * pleas fill in the blancs *

Yes, that’s right , I didn’t start this blog to show myself off… but to open you all up, it’s not strange liking something with hair as a sexual thing… offcourse you tought your where alone, the only “freak”  in the whole wide world with your “thing” that’s somehow hairrelated… perhaps to somekind of treatment.. or a type of salon or… everything is possible.

No we are not alone, and neither are you all… So let’s help each other, be fair, be open… be willing to show yourself over a webcam… if looking for somekind of dreamdate ( mostly men searching for a woman) , then “no” I can’t help you..  first of all not much real woman are looking on the internet for these kind of things, and second.. why look for sometime particulair?   chages of you finding a woman to 100% suit your needs ( and hopefully hers too) are very very slim.

No, just look for other people with somekind of fetish that is hairrelated, and be open / fair  have a nice webcamchat and it will do lots of good, knowing that you are not a “freak” and not alone and others repect you for who / what you really are.


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