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About?.. part III

So I made a bit clearer  why I keep updating this blog.

Now it’s time for you all, close to 5000 hits per month on my blog, a lot come over Internet Seacrh Engines with words like “perm fetish” “hair fetish”  and so on,  or in Dutch or in German.

Wouldn’t it be nice if one can relate with an other hairfetish person in her / his own language? Well I have this idea, where I can use as much help as possible.

What about setting up groups ( like on yahoo ) , a chat , a forum ( I have no expierence with those so if any of you have please contact me), and that all in several languages?   Would you wanna help?

I think there are a lot of people outthere with a fetish that is hairelated, and I also think we could help each other.  Not by trying to fool the other onto thinking that you are a female when you are not but by being honest.

So please all help each other, contact me over yahoo-messenger or email me, or write a comment.


20 August 2010 - Posted by | Finding hairfetish-contacts on the net, poll | , , ,

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