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In the past year… part I

I have writen a small item on every Friday.

Since 2001 I am active on the internet, and yes I also used it to learn more about fetishthings, not only my fetish for the proces of hairperming but also other related fetishes.

Over my blog ( used to be with 360-yahoo from end of 2006 until July 2009) and yahoo-group I have found many people that share this fetish of mine or theirs.

Having somekind of fetish is very common, but we who to talk about it? That’s where the internet really helps people finding others like them.

I am currently looking for all of you, my many readers , some 150 per day. I am looking for you to help each other to set up social networks.. to share feelings, to be able to do what one wants.. maybe to meet an other person etc.

Wouldn’t  it be nice to be able to write on a Board / forum? or do some open chatting? or… who knows.


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