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In the past year… part II

In the past year I was several times at a hairsalon ( last time was this Tuesday… story next week) , and I always share my expierences here, would be nice to hear from you all.

So how many times do you go to  salon? what do you like? what not?

I have writen it often here, and I will keep repeating it untill I die… but I really REALLY dislike males pretending to be females on yahoo-messenger etc… I still don’t get their “game” and frankly I don’t care about it..  Show yourself or just ommit being males… this cat & mouse-play is not fun for anyone… they really must think we are “stupid”  orso.

My advice.. ONLY ( read this well and use it) trust people that show themself over a webcam to be female, all others are just males hoping to jerk off shortly before they go to sleep ( 10:00pm orso)

Or am I the only one having so much troubles with these kind of people… ahwell


10 September 2010 - Posted by | Finding hairfetish-contacts on the net, My curls / hair., Salon visits | , ,

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