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In the past year… part III

I was at a salon a few times.

6th October 2009 for a trim

15th November 2009 for a perm

13th January 2010 for a trim

19th March 2010 for a perm

28th Mai 2010 for a trim

7th July 2010 for a perm

And again on Tuesday 7th September 2010.

I entered the salon and noticed ome 4 people where waiting, ahwell I had time enough. After some 10 minutes of waiting one stylist came and asked who was next and which styliste he/she wants. That way all 4 people where divided and hey could go to their favourite stylists to wait in the chair there ( because all stylists where still busy on the other chair,  all stylist have 2 chairs to work with), then she asked me “For a perm?”.. “no ” I replied “ok, so you have don’t need a particulair stylist?” “no, I am ok with all”, I replied. I have found that in this salon all stylists are very well trained and to me it doesn’t matter that much who does my hair, I do prefer the one windowseat ( but that was allready taken) and some stylists do some small things with a perm differently then others, but the result is always good.

So today I got a new stylist, Diana, she works very close to the waiting area.

The boths chairs at the wall , left in the back. I was in the first of the two, so less close to the waiting area then on 28th Mai 2010.

She asked what I wanted done, so I said “cut off some 1 cm overall except in the front , there a bit less please” . She asked if I wanted it washed before, I replied “yes, please”. So Firstly I got a good washing and then she cut my hair , or better trimmed it. Oh boy, it went very curly again. After the cut some mousse was applied and I spend some 20 minutes under a Climasun.

My perm looked like “new” … I loved it.


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