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In the past year… part IV

I have writen so much I can’t think of something to write now.


I hope maybe you all know something to write,  write about your fetish for hair.. Email me chat with me, or chat with lots of people or join a yahoo-group or…  maybe you have an idea.

I strongly believe that people with somekind of hairfetish can help each other, but offcourse you have to do something… not browse the internet and watch some photos etc… but show yourself, write about yourself.

I did… and look what it brought me… I have found a very lovely woman that loves perms the way I do… yes not a a faker like a zillion men on the internet do pretending to be female and only annoy a lot of people.

Next month I plan to re-perm my hair… it’s been 3 months so a perm can be done again, oh boy what a joy… sitting in a salon for 2+ hours the rods.. the cape.. the smell.


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