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To perm? or not to perm? That’s the question…part I

Later this month I plan a renewal of my current perm. When? How? Where? etc… stay tuned on this blog.

As you all know by now to me getting a perm is more then “just” getting some nice curls, I really enjoy sitting in the chair with those permrods in my hair..  and I am not alone… am I?

Since I have many readers here, and lots found the BLOG over several google-searches I know that many more people have an interest in perms or haircapes or salons  or cutting hair… and during those things get sexually aroused.

So maybe you would like to chat with me? or meet me? or…  just look on this blog how to contact me. It would be nice to hear something from my many readers…. with over 64.000 hits now on this blog  you are not the only reader… come join in the fun, go to a salon and get done what you dreamt for al those many years.


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  1. Hej again. I haven’t written in your blog in a while. I’ve been very busy but I read it every week. As always, great blog, nice pictures. It’s nice to hear that you find a woman who loves perms in the same way.

    Right now I’m in a great relationship, I love her and she’s been very supportive in everything I’ve told her. I haven’t told her about my fetish for hair related things (specially perms and hair dying) but I’m very close and I know it will be awesome.

    So, I just write to say hello, have a great week and happy perm! I’m really looking forward for my next (I haven’t been permed since February 2009, I cut my hair but it is growing back now!).

    Comment by Maurize | 2 October 2010 | Reply

  2. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    I always like it when I get somekind of response to my BLOG.

    Comment by jwagemakers | 8 October 2010 | Reply

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