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To perm? or not to perm? That’s the question…part II

Well it’s not only about perms.

My fetish is getting a perm or seeing one done, like on the photo. But there are many other hairrelated fetishes aswell. Some like cutting to the extreme, or bleaching or washing ( forward ) or …  just fill in the blanc.

This blog is all about you outthere with somekind of fetish that is hair or salon or cape or … related.

Why do we feel this way? When did it all started? What do we do with those feelings? Hide or live them out? And what about the partners… would you tell? and if so, how? when?

Questions that everybody has to answer for him or herself.

I am in a position that I wanted to feel a real perm being done on me, just for the feel of it. That was over 4 years ago. Us men tend to loose hair before we die so I had to go for it or regret never have done it. I can only speak for myself offcourse but regret that I did it? no, I loved that first perm and oh boy was I aroused during everything. And seeing me in curls, ok it was a shock at first. But I have done it, I wanted it for some 20 years , I did it and never will regret “not”  doing it, because I just did it. The beauty of it that all people seem to like me with curls, so I could let my hair grow longer and get perms more often done,  so nowadays I get a new perm every 3 months orso… and guess.. yes the 3 months went by, so it will be me in permrods later this month. Too bad not like on the photo, that would be fun too.

And you all?  Did you follow your fetish for hair? Or better not? Or maybe one day? or?

I can’t really advise someone but I am willing to chat / email with you,  who knows what for ideas you come up with.


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