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Hairdreams? part II

Different people , different Hairdreams.

I have noticed over the last many years that having somekind of fetish that has to do with salons / hair / capes  etc are not that uncommon as one would think.

That’s why I had / have the idea of making several Internet platform so we all trade ideas or maybe photos or maybe meet each other. In the past I have met a fellow hair-fetisjist  and I really liked it to meet people that have a fetish that way. I know that many of “us” are males and most are hetero and wish to find a woman that meets their fetish, there are woman aswell with somekind of fetish even yours… I have found a very nice one that really likes perms..  but there much more males then females active on the internet. Is that a problem?  Not to me,  I find it nice chatting / meeting all people that have a fetish that is somehow related to hair / salon / capes etc… why?  Well I find it intresting to know how they cope wih these feelings etc.

My many readers know about my passion for perms and getting them done on a regular basis, but offcourse there is more to me then “just” that. But other things then fetish-related I share on a more private level  like yahoo-messenger orso. I use this BLOG as a platform that can be found over google  using a lot of searchwords, and that’s why I tought up the idea to build more platforms that are linked from this BLOG and  maybe some other places.

What will I offer?  Well it’s  mostly an idea in my head , an idea that needs lots of support from many of you. Why do I need help?  Well I have no expierence setting up things like chatboxes, forums and many other things,  also I think such platforms to look and seek out others with your kind of fetish are more effective when localised… so yes,  not all in English  but in Dutch ( my native language ), German,  etc…  but for the etc I need people that support the idea and can handle an other language.. I can do “only”  3 😦 😉  But it’s  not only know-how that I seek but also input, a forum or chat or group  that has no input from the members  won’t work and it would simply “die” , like so many nice forums / yahoogroups allready did in the past.

So am I alone in thinking to setup such things to be able to meet others? Or do we all rather “hide”  our feelings and never do something with it.


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